While there are no official Godzilla vs. Kong, there are some games where players can compete as imitators of the two iconic monsters from the movie.

Godzilla vs. Kong has finally hit theaters and at HBO Max for a rematch of giant monsters almost 60 years in the making. After watching the movie, some fans may want to get in on the monster action in a Godzilla vs. Kong play. After all, a fighting game where the King of the Monsters and the Eighth Wonder of the World collide seems like a colossal no-brainer.

Unfortunately, players have little choice when it comes to official versions of Godzilla or King Kong fighting each other in the world of video games. It turns out that the owners of the two kaiju characters, Godzilla’s TOHO Studios and Kong’s Universal Pictures, are incredibly protective of their intellectual property. It was a miracle that the two monsters faced each other from the beginning in 1962. King Kong vs. Godzilla movie. Since then, it has taken fans over half a century to see the original Japanese version of the 1962 film legally in the United States. When it finally arrived recently as part of Criterion’s massive Showa Era Godzilla film box, was hidden in the special features.

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That example just goes to show that media involving the two iconic monsters together is rare and almost non-existent outside of the new Monsterverse movie and the English version of the 1962 classic. Both TOHO and Universal are known for not allowing Godzilla or Kong have a lot of fun, but where there is a will, there is a way. While they may not be official versions of the characters, there are some games that will scratch a familiar itch for those dying to pit Godzilla against King Kong.

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Games that are almost Godzilla vs. Kong games, but not quite

Godzilla Vs Kong Games Rampage World Tour

Godzilla has starred in numerous games over the years, dating back to the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Many of the most popular Godzilla games have been arena fighting titles like Godzilla: Destroy all monsters melee and its aftermath. Most recently, three new Godzilla Mobile games have also been announced. King Kong, on the other hand, doesn’t have much of a video game history. Konami produced some King Kong games in the 1980s, and the character remained inactive in the gaming realm until Ubisoft acquired the license to make games based on 2005’s Peter Jackson. King kong movie.

When it comes to official games featuring the two most iconic movie monsters of all time, players are out of luck. However, there are some copycat versions that players can still have a good time scratching at. Godzilla vs. Kong play sting. The one posted by Sony Monster war for PlayStation 2 (and available on PS4 and PS5) is a fantastic city destruction game that takes its inspiration from the giant monster movies of the 1950s and 1960s, allowing players to collect cars as weapons, scale skyscrapers, and cause ravages all over the world. balloon. Players can choose to play as Congar, an angry super gorilla, and Togera, a giant radioactive lizard that spews deadly streams of energy and has spikes on its back. Sounds familiar?

The SNK franchise King of monsters sports a Godzilla-like creature and King Kong scam in its arcade version, but unfortunately the game’s start ports for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis don’t include the giant-sized gorilla character. That essentially leaves another video game franchise where gamers can live their Godzilla vs. Kong gambling dreams – Rampage.

Halfway Rampage The series is probably the most prominent game franchise to feature giant monsters, so it’s no wonder that two of the game’s three original characters are knockoffs of King Kong and Godzilla. Lizzie is a woman turned into a giant lizard (after falling into a radioactive lake) while George is a man turned into a giant gorilla (after taking an experimental vitamin). The two of you can fight and compete in 2D arcade action to destroy as much of the world as possible by hitting buildings, eating civilians, and destroying the armed forces trying to stop them.

The above games are not exactly Godzilla vs. Kong in video game form, but fans will simply have to use their imaginations if they want to try and relive the movie’s kaiju battles firsthand. Yes Godzilla vs. Kong it’s a huge hit, maybe a real game will be made with the two kings of kaiju, and fans can finally take the question of who is stronger, Godzilla or King Kong, into their own hands.

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