Sex and the city introduced the world to four iconic women. This show provided viewers with an incredible group of Carrie and her best friends Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda; each of them brought their own unique qualities to the series. Miranda was one of the most responsible characters, both economically and in her decision-making capacity. She had a strong sense of herself and was an incredible friend and companion.

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Miranda was often the voice of reason in her group of friends and made fans fall in love with her practical ways. She never shied away from calling her friends when they needed to hear the truth, and some of her lines of Sex and the city they remain relevant in pop culture to this day.

10 “I can’t have sex with a sandwich, can I?”

Sex and the City's Miranda talks to a man in a sandwich suit in the episode Running with Scissors

This Miranda line is definitely one of the most iconic, like it or not. In “Running with Scissors” from season 3, Miranda walks next to a Blimpie one day when a disguised employee tells her, “Eat me.” Her tone is suggestive and she complains to her manager. However, the manager is not helpful considering that “Eat me” is part of the job. Later, Miranda becomes a bit obsessed with the sandwich boy, hence this line.

Finally, the attraction fades once Miranda sees under the mask and realizes that they come from different worlds. As Carrie put it so succinctly in her voiceover: “She was a lawyer and he was a sandwich.”

9 “I’m never going to be happy. It just won’t happen to me.”

Miranda from Sex and the City on the phone, talking to Carrie in the episode titled One

One thing fans love about Miranda Hobbes is her brutal honesty. Miranda was always a practical thinker on the show and tended to be realistic. She never hesitated to give her friends the hard-hitting advice they needed, and she didn’t shy away from giving the same advice to herself.

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This quote from Miranda is quite relatable and shows her habit of being overly honest, as she admitted that she believed she would never find happiness with Carrie on the phone in “One” from season 6.

8 “Jesus, every time you get close to him, you become this pathetic, needy, insecure victim.”

The end of Carrie and Miranda's fight in the Sex and the City episode Cock-a-Doodle-Do

One of Miranda’s most troublesome personality traits was her unabashed sincerity. While it was generally beneficial if it had no filter, it could also be incredibly annoying to your friends. It takes a good friend to be able to say the things someone doesn’t really want to hear, and Miranda prided herself on her ability to do so.

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After hearing Carrie talk about the possibility of getting back together with an ex in season 3’s “Cock-a-Doodle-Do,” Miranda didn’t take the time to tell her exactly what she looked like to those around her. This proved that she had her friend’s best interest at heart, even if her execution was brutal.

7 “Why do we get stuck with spinster and spinster and men become singles and playboys?”

Miranda having lunch with her friends in the Luck Be an Old Lady episode of Sex and the City

This is yet another example of the many times Miranda pointed out the double standards faced by single women. This quote from “Luck Be an Old Lady” from season 5 points to the fact that single women are considered sad, while single men are considered fun and youthful.

Miranda always pointed out the injustice that patriarchy befell older, single women, and her point here was definitely clear. Miranda was an expert at arguing and proved that inconsistencies between genders were damaging and hurtful.

6 “I want to enjoy my success, not apologize for it.”

The women of Sex and the City get pedicures in the episode The Caste System

Miranda was often embarrassed by her financial success and the fact that she was incredibly independent. Many of the men she dated were intimidated by her, and for that reason, she felt like she had to constantly apologize for not needing anything from them.

This quote from “The Caste System” from Season 2 is one that many women can relate to, as women, especially single women, often apologize for their success and independence. Miranda always put herself and her needs first, showing other women that they could do the same.

5 “Sexy is what I try to make them see me after conquering them with my personality.”

Miranda talks to Carrie on the phone in Sex and the City episode The Real Me

Miranda was always proud of her intellect and her successes. This quote from “The Real Me” from season 4 – “Sexy is what I try to be after conquering them with my personality” – is something a lot of people can draw something from.

Miranda was always authentic and never tried to be someone she wasn’t. Whenever she dated someone, she was transparent and completely herself, never worrying about looking too good or how someone perceived her. Everyone can take a note from Miranda’s book for this one.

4 “He’s just not that interested in you. So go ahead.”

Miranda gives unsolicited advice to 2 women in the Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little episode of Sex and the City

Something that fans always appreciated about Miranda was her hard-hitting personality. If there was ever something that needed to be said, but that might get a little awkward, Miranda was sure to make sure it was addressed.

This quote from the sixth season of “Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little” is one that stands the test of time, as it is necessary to say so often. The show regularly featured moments when the women in the series were confused by the real intentions of who they were with; however, sometimes it was as simple as, “He doesn’t like you that much.”

3 “Relationships are not about games. It is about mature and honest communication.”

Women walking to a sports bar in the Sex and the City Games People Play episode

Miranda’s seriousness and emotional maturity were something that some of her friends lacked. Miranda was often portrayed as stable, mature, and rational.

Of the group of brides shown on this show, Miranda was typically the most level-headed in any setting, providing practical advice to her friends. This quote from “Games People Play” from season 2 shows his habit of showing his maturity as he admitted the truth behind a healthy relationship.

two “I’m on Valium; everything is fine.”

Sex and the City's Miranda after undergoing eye surgery in the episode Where There's Smoke

Miranda, although independent, was also quite stubborn. This was made clear to viewers in the season 3 episode “Where There Is Smoke” when he needed help after undergoing eye surgery.

When her boyfriend, Steve, offered to help her during her recovery, she protested, not wanting to admit that she needed his help. This scene turned out to be quite entertaining, as he finally yielded to her help, saying, “I’m taking Valium; everything is fine. ”Her way of reassuring herself in her uncertainty about her dependence on her boyfriend made it one of the funniest moments on the show.

one “Do any of you have an unremarkable friend, or maybe a houseplant that I can go to dinner with on Saturday night?”

Carrie watches in disbelief as Miranda teases herself in the episode The Agony and the Ex-tacy.

Miranda was the queen of self-deprecating humor and this line from “The Agony and the Ex-tacy” from season 4 proves it.

While desperate for a date, she was aware of how boring some of her dates had been and felt sad about the dating scene in New York. This is one of his most sarcastic quotes on the show, although his dry humor was always on display. By comparing men to houseplants, she captured her disappointment in men and the stimulation that was clearly lacking in her love life.

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