With so many different versions of Among Us available to play, is there any reason for fans to keep up with the game’s mobile release?

Part of the explosive popularity of Among us it comes down to how easy it is to learn and play. The COVID-19 pandemic caused many to search for games that they could play remotely with their friends, which is a niche that Among us it was built for. The social deception title brought together tons of friends, and fans quickly found ways to implement voice chat in the game via proximity chat.

The mobile version of Among us saw a huge spike in downloads during the game’s jump in popularity as it was a great alternative to the Steam or itch.io versions for gamers who didn’t have a computer or wanted a way to take the game on the go. However, as Among us keep getting new updates, is there any reason to keep up with the mobile version of the game?

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The main differences between the PC and mobile versions of the game come down to the included content. The PC version costs $ 5.00 and comes with a larger collection of cosmetic hats already unlocked. The mobile version is free to download, but hats will need to be purchased through in-app purchases. Of course, the PC version also has its fair share of paid cosmetics, as pet packs must be purchased in all versions of the game.

Another big difference with the mobile version is that players will have to endure ads that help keep this version free. These ads aren’t as terrible as other mobile titles, although they can seem intrusive at times. These ads can be annoying at times, but they never interrupt the main game of Among us. The mobile version is certainly still fun and playable, although there are some major draws to choosing the PC version.

For one thing, it’s much easier to use mods for the game, like the proximity chat mentioned above, with the PC version of the game. The game’s controls are also much more customizable, and PC users can choose between keyboard controls or use their mouse to mimic the game’s touchscreen controls. Mobile game controls tend to be seen as balanced compared to PC controls.

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With all these differences in mind, the mobile version still has a significant player base for good reason. It’s a great way to play the game for free and on the go, and the cross-play support means players will never be without a lobby to join. In-app purchases, lack of cosmetics, and existence of ads are minor annoyances that don’t take away the main game from Among us.

For now, future content updates are expected to hit all versions of the game. However, fans should note that a sequel to Among us it was in production due to the game’s coding limitations. This, coupled with the influx of new content and larger maps, could lead to the removal of support for the mobile version, especially since Among us it’s on other mobile devices like Nintendo Switch. For now, however, the mobile version of Among us is a great way to play an incredibly fun game for free.

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