According to an industry analyst, Outriders now counts as the biggest Steam release for a Square Enix-published game in history.

In the words of an industry analyst, OutridersSteam The launch is now the largest launch on the platform for a Square enix game in history. Publisher and developer People Can Fly rolled out the cooperative shooter today on consoles and PC. And Game Pass subscribers on Xbox can even enjoy the title at no additional cost. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy the experience.

For much of the day, PC gamers in particular have reported encounters with myriad glitches. So far, the issues range from stuttering and server disconnections to HUD-based bugs and mission progression issues. The People Can Fly team is doing their best to fix the wrinkles, offering regular updates through their social media pages as they implement new fixes and changes. Some of Outriders However, problems may take a little longer to resolve. For example, desynchronization issues that arose prior to launch forced developers to disable cross-play functionality between consoles and PCs.

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Despite your day one struggles, Outriders it is already working exceptionally well on PC. Industry analyst Benji-Sales revealed so much in a Twitter post, noting that Outriders’ early success makes him the “biggest release on Steam“in the history of Square Enix. This remarkable milestone is due to the more than 100,000 concurrent users connected on launch day. According to the analyst, titles published by Square Enix of the past have never accumulated such a high count of players except free games and trial weekends.

This deserves recognition as nothing short of a remarkable feat. After all, Outriders is a brand new IP from a studio, People Can Fly, who have not released a major title since their work on Fortnite: save the world in 2017. Nor will the Polish team count as the sole beneficiary of the cooperative shooter’s initial success.

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If the Outriders continue to perform well, Square enix you will also get a great victory. Needless to say, the publisher could use a little boost after the disappointing sales performance of another great online-focused AAA experience: Marvel Avengers. The Avengers-branded Crystal Dynamics live service is doing its best to change course, as the studio recently announced several game-changing updates for the year, one of which will bring Black Panther to the forefront.

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Outriders is now available on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X platforms | S.

Source: Benji-Sales / Twitter

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