In Star trekIn the distant future, human beings have learned to live in a utopian society, both on Earth and in communion with other planets of a galactic federation. Gone is the greed, ambition, and general arrogance that has characterized humanity so much for most of its history, replaced by an altruism that seeks to benefit the good of all over personal gain or ambition.

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However, is this really the case? Although the top commanders of Starfleet are often self-sacrificing and altruistic, half the time there seems to be a correlation between admiral rank and a cold, calculated drive to seize power in the Star trek universe.

10 Villain: Admiral Dougherty tries to steal the fountain of youth in the insurrection

Andmiral Dougherty smirking at the camera, close up.

Obviously, an organization as extensive and with so many functioning parts as the Federation has a wide range of rules and regulations to keep it going, the most important of which is General Order One, or the Main Board.

By stipulating that Starfleet personnel must not interfere with the natural development of a planet, that rule seems to be routinely ignored by admirals seeking to exploit a planet’s people or resources. This was the case in Star Trek: Insurrection, where Admiral Dougherty was ready to move the Ba’ku to another planet to steal the rejuvenating effects of his planet’s atmosphere for himself and his allies.

9 Hero: Admiral Shanthi grants Picard a fleet

Admiral Shanthi debates with Captain Picard.

Having to account for the events of a galactic federation is one thing, but being one step ahead of the enemies of that federation is quite another. Sometimes decisions that will involve billions of lives and the balance of power in the quadrant must be made instantly and with little or no guarantee.

Admiral Shanthi had to make a decision like this when Captain Picard requested that a fleet be dispatched to patrol the Romulan / Federation border during the Klingon civil war. Fortunately, her decision to favor Picard’s initiative ultimately led her to discover Romulan involvement.

8 Villain: Admiral Leyton launches a coup to fight the dominance

Leyton looks recalcitrant as Sisko looks on in disappointment.

While exploring the Gamma Quadrant at the other end of the Bajoran wormhole, the discovery of shifting aliens at the head of an enormously powerful empire with a grudge against non-shifting “solids” did little to calm the nerves of the higher ups. . ups in Starfleet Command.

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In fact, Admiral James Leyton was so convinced of the Shifters threat that he staged a clandestine military coup in an attempt to protect the Federation from the invaders of the Gamma Quadrant. Fortunately, he was stopped by his old friend and fellow officer Benjamin Sisko before he transformed the Federation into something he was not.

7 Hero: Admiral Ross leads the Allies to victory against the Dominion

Admiral Ross looks up from the war plans to speak.

By all accounts, the war with The Dominion was one of the bloodiest affairs in Federation history, costing the lives of 91 million Federation officers and civilians. Planning how to push back the Changelings and their Jem’Hadar shock troops would require someone of unprecedented military prowess and courage.

Fortunately for the Alpha Quadrant and the Federation, Admiral William Ross was one of those individuals. Cunning, practical, and with a strong military mind, Admiral Ross was an excellent battle commander, leading the allies against the Dominion at the Battle of Cardassia.

6 Villain: Admiral Nechayev – More concerned with rules than morals

Admiral Nechayev debates captain picard

It takes a special type of person to become a Starfleet admiral: motivated, determined, compassionate, and unafraid of taking risks. Being an admiral often means making very difficult decisions, so it’s completely understandable that not all the top brass in Starfleet are the most outgoing.

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Admiral Alynna Nechayev is not a villainous character by any means, but her gruff nature, inability to see past regulations, and well-known feud with Captain Picard haven’t earned her many brownie points among fans of Star trek. Perhaps his most objectionable moment was pushing to relocate a Native American colony from a planet that had been returned to the Cardassians after treaty negotiations.

5 Hero: Admiral Forrest makes Archer a founder of the federation

Admiral Forrest looks contemplative as he sits on the bridge of a shuttle.

Most of the best and brightest in Starfleet were, in their youth, wild and daring. Captain Picard did his best to hide his past from his crew, opening up to Wesley about the incident that led to his heart being replaced by an artificial one, and Captain Kirk marching to the beat of his own drum well into the later stage. of his career.

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Having a mentor helps steer that passion in the right direction, and thankfully Star Trek: EnterpriseCaptain Archer had Admiral Forrest. Through his patient but steadfast guidance, Forrest made Archer worthy and capable of having not only a captaincy but also a guiding hand in the creation of the Federation.

4 Villain: Admiral Satie destroys races in search of traitors to the Federation

Admiral Satie examines the evidence as Picard watches from his seat in the prep room.

As evolved as the Federation humans like to think they are, they are just as susceptible to the same misguided biases and misjudgments as their ancestors. In it Next Generation episode, “The Drumhead”, the discovery of a Klingon spy aboard the Business It led to an in-depth investigation of its staff by Admiral Norah Satie, an advocate of extreme views.

What followed was a series of events similar to the Salem Witch Trials or the McCarthy Hearings, where innocent people saw their lives destroyed by unsubstantiated claims and assumptions. Fortunately, the admiral was stopped in her tracks by Captain Picard.

3 Hero: Admiral Vance leads the Federation through an uncertain future

Admiral Vance looks questioningly at the camera.

The majority Star trek series have shown the Federation almost at the height of its power, with wide influence and reach in galactic affairs in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants and expanding its reach in the Gamma and Delta Quadrants. However, in the distant future of the 32nd century, the Federation has been reduced to a fraction of its power due to a galaxy-wide event known as “The Burn”.

Maintaining a presence in galactic affairs despite losing membership to countless worlds has fallen to Admiral Charles Vance, who has kept the ideals of the Federation alive in an extremely tumultuous time.

two Villain: Admiral Cartwright plots to destroy the Klingon / Federation alliance

Admiral Cartwright points to Kirk and McCoy and demands that they be arrested.

Star trek Fans first met Admiral Cartwright at Star Trek IV: The Journey Home, where he was frantically running around Starfleet Headquarters during the whale probe “attack” on Earth. Unfortunately, he had the dubious distinction of being one of the co-saboteurs attempting to destroy any hope of a Klingon / Federation alliance in Star Trek VI: The Unknown Country.

Ironically, his efforts led him to conspire with the very people he wanted to see destroyed: the Klingons. In addition, he managed to frame Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy for the death of Chancellor Gorkon, sending them to the prison planet of Rura Penthe. Fortunately, it was exposed by the crew of the Business on his last mission.

one Hero: Admiral Kirk Saves Earth, Twice

Admiral Kirk Star Trek III

During three seasons of the original series, James T. Kirk was known to be the captain of the USS Enterprise. By the time the feature films were released, he had already been promoted to admiral, but he still exhibited the decisive and enviable qualities that had made him a hero.

As an admiral, he stopped Khan and the Klingon commander Kruge from harnessing the power of the Genesis Device, and he saved Earth twice, once from V’Ger and once from the mysterious whale probe. He was eventually demoted for insubordination, but his heroic record as an admiral stands firm.

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