With the Rick Grimes spinoff movie on the horizon, The Walking Dead can finally return to the elements that originally made the show so engaging.

The Walking Dead You can go all the way back to what made the show great initially with the upcoming Rick Grimes spinoff movie. Andrew Lincoln played the central protagonist for nine seasons of the television adaptation based on Robert Kirkman’s popular comic book series. The figure exited the series in the middle of season 9 when Lincoln expressed interest in leaving the role. Although it is presumed that he died after a heroic sacrifice, Rick was taken in a mysterious helicopter to an unknown location. His fate will finally be revealed in a movie with Lincoln reprising his famous role as The Walking Dead.

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Despite the news that a Rick spinoff movie was announced during Lincoln’s initial outing, AMC isn’t rushing the project. In fact, veteran showrunner Scott M. Gimple announced plans for multiple films set in the post-apocalyptic world in downtown The Walking Dead. As the Rick-centric project slowly begins to take shape, the exact details of the plot are being kept under wraps. That being said, it is expected to feature some familiar faces while linking elements of Fear the walking dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Kirkman is also heavily involved in creating Rick’s movie.

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Kirkman recently commented on the Rick Grimes movie while also discussing The Walking Dead ending with season 11. He mentioned that the movie would serve more as a solo story than an ensemble story, which has been the format of the television series, especially in recent seasons. Kirkman also identified it as “a very different kind of story from Walking Dead. “ The comments play on the hope that the film will once again receive elements of what made the series so compelling when it first debuted in 2010. A specific description Living Dead The season 10 bonus episode brought in original elements, and that’s something AMC could fully embrace with Rick’s movie.

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Introducing where Lincoln’s character was taken after his helicopter rescue, the Living Dead The movie can create a Rick-centric story. This allows the franchise to shed the narrative, focusing on Rick’s story and struggling to survive as it did from the beginning. This approach is more akin to Season 1, which originally drew viewers in as it was more of a contained story. Rather than feature a variety of villains alongside the threat of the walkers, the debut season featured a content cast of characters that focused exclusively on survival. As time passed, the scope expanded and Rick was just one piece in a much bigger puzzle.

While using an ensemble cast has had its bright spots, especially for the potential of subplots, that method tends to cause The Walking Dead be complicated sometimes. With the long list of characters and threats, it became difficult at times to keep track of everything. The series also had a habit of being a formula, a common side effect for shows that run longer than average. By focusing solely on Rick to extend its original arc, the spinoff film is able to avoid those pitfalls. Viewers are not only excited to see Lincoln again in the role of Rick, but they will also be happy to welcome the elements they made. The Walking Dead so nice in the early stages.

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