The badass remnant hunter Wynonna Earp It could be leaving the screens forever thanks to Syfy taking the show offline after 4 seasons. Wynonna and her team are fan favorites because of their humor and the chemistry they share with each other on screen. Many are heartbroken that these lovable characters will not save Purgatory from any kind of baddies tormenting it that week.

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Having saved the show once from cancellation, fans are still optimistic that another network will pick it up. But if the show can’t be saved, or until it is, there are a few other series with similar themes and features for fans of the supernatural western to try.

10 Supernatural – Available to stream on Netflix

Supernatural Sam and Dean

Supernatural is an obvious place to start for fans of the paranormal aspect of Wynonna Earp. The show followed the Winchester brothers as they hunted everything from demons, angels, and vampires to God himself. Both shows have main cast members who are angels and become allies with some of the supernatural beings they encounter, such as some of the witches and vampires who have helped the brothers.

Like Doc, both brothers have been a version of a demon at one point or another, so this is a good option for fans of stories with interesting main characters. So, two brothers could also be a good replacement for those who miss the relationship between Wynonna and her sister Waverly. Keep an eye out for Melanie Scrofano (Wynonna) appearing in an episode of the second season.

9 Grimm: Available to stream on Amazon Prime

Cast of Grimm

Another great paranormal show that fans would love is Grimm. Like Wynonna, many of the main characters are superhuman, including the main character Nick who, like Wynonna, has a responsibility to hunt down the bad guys. On Grimm, the bad guys come in the form of Wesen, the collective term for the creatures on the show, many inspired by Grimm’s fairy tales and other popular folklore.

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He had the ability to see his true form, something hidden from everyone else, which means that he is one of the only ones who can remove them, just like Wynonna and his connection to Peacemaker. Both protagonists must grapple with the decisions they have to make as they try to figure out which creatures are good and which ones are worth killing, especially as the people closest to them begin to reveal that they are not all human, like Nicks himself. best friend and his wife.

8 Warrior Nun – Available to stream on Netflix

Warrior alright

Warrior alright is a hit Netflix show and despite its name, it might surprise viewers with its interesting concept. Wynonna sure would have nothing to do with a convent under normal circumstances, but the nuns on this show are far from typical. To begin with, they hunt demons. The main story revolves around Ava, an orphan teenager who wakes up in a morgue, revived thanks to the ancient artifact that was hidden inside her body.

She learns that she has superpowers and is cured of her quadriplegia, which makes her exultant and eager to finally live life. But her euphoria is short-lived when she is forced to join the Order of the Cruciform Sword, an ancient organization of nuns fighting evil. Ava could relate to Wynonna’s lack of choice in the whole demon slaying thing and fans of Wynonna’s cheeky responses would love her.

7 Haven – Available to stream on Tubi


Refuge he has a lot in common with Wynonna Earp, and not just because they both aired on Syfy and were canceled before fans were ready to let him go. Refuge focuses on a town of the same name that, like Purgatory, suffers a curse.

In Refuge, the curse comes in the form of The Trouble and wreaks havoc on the small town, cursing the townspeople with random paranormal afflictions. Refuge It also happens to be another show with the acting talents of Melanie Scrofano, this time in season 3 with a two-episode arc as Noelle, a character who can bring people back from the dead.

6 Van Helsing: available to stream on Netflix

Van Helsing

The main character of Van HelsingVanessa is often compared to Wynonna and even Wynonna would have to admit that they have a lot in common. Both are heirs to powerful hunters who must now eliminate evil on their own, and both share a strong bond with their sisters.

These fierce women could easily trade clothes and whiskey while discussing their respective conquests. Yes Wynonna earp is not picked up, maybe someone can put on a show with Vanessa and Wynonna teaming up to eliminate the remains and the vampires.

5 Deadwood: Available to stream on HBO Max

Old thing

For those who watch the show because of its western theme and its connection to one of the best cowboys of them all, you might enjoy the show. Old thing. While it’s the only show on this list without supernatural beings, fans of Wynonna Earp would still enjoy many of the aspects of Old thing.

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Old thing tells the story of the town of Deadwood, South Dakota, which went from a small camp to a legitimate town. For fans of the Purgatory’s small town feel and the many bar scenes, you would surely love this drama that is all about the town where Wyatt Earp was from, and while the show includes Wyatt, there is sadly no Doc Holiday.

4 Shadowhunters – Available to stream on Hulu

Cast of Shadowhunters

Wynonna Earp It seemed to go in a very interesting direction with the story involving Waverly and his Angel ancestry, one that might be impossible to conclude before the end.

But for some fans, Shadowhunters it could be a nice consolation prize, with the show’s main focus being a group of angel-human hybrids. Waverly would be a perfect fit with this group, so fans shouldn’t have a problem spending time with the characters as well.

3 Lost Girl: Available to stream on CW Seed

Cast of Lost Girl

Lost girl is another show that is an obvious choice for fans of Wynonna Earp, both brought to life on screen by Emily Andras and her team. Lost girl is about a succubus trying to discover her powers in a world filled with a variety of supernatural characters. Fans of Wynonna Earp you will surely recognize some faces, as many of the actors in Lost girl have appeared on the show. Anna Silk plays the main character Bo in Lost girl and she appeared in Wynonna Earp as Kevin in season 3, helping the crew with Bulshar.

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Zole Palmer, Jolene the demon obsessed with Waverly in Wynonna Earp, plays Lauren, Bo’s partner Lost girl. Both shows have been praised for their inclusion of LGBTQ + characters, which should make fans of WayHaught and Jeremy and Robin feel right at home. Doc fans shouldn’t miss this one either, as Tim Rozen plays the recurring character, Massimo. Katherine Barrell (Nicole) and Shamier Anderson (Dolls) also appear in episodes of the show.

two Motherland: Fort Salem – Available to Stream on Hulu

Motherhand Fort Slem Cast

Homeland: Fort Salem is a great selection for fans of Black Badge, the military group that employs Wynonna and his team to eliminate the supernatural beings that terrorize Purgatory.

Homeland: Fort Salem It also has a military faction that operates similarly to Black Badge, but instead of using powerful heirs and immortals, it uses witches as weapons after the United States made a deal with witches 300 years ago to end its prosecution of change your Service.

one The Irregulars: Available to Stream on Netflix

Cast of the irregular

The Irregulars It is the most recent paranormal investigation program to come to light, and while it ties together two highly oversaturated themes, the combination could prove to be a winner.

The Netflix original combines the paranormal with the world of Sherlock Holmes, with a group of teenagers who find themselves employed by the notorious detective to solve the otherworldly crimes that continue to happen in London. We hope this show revives the paranormal mystery genre in the way Wynonna Earp made for westerns.

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