Stephanie’s manipulative nature and problematic behavior cause many fans to call her a villain. What have you done to earn the scorn you have received?

There are many controversial stars in 90 day fiancé season eight, but few have divided fans like Stephanie Davison. The Michigan-based medical spa owner has viewers divided into two camps: those who care about her and those who can’t stand her. Stephanie often displays problematic behavior, so it’s hard to argue that she doesn’t deserve the criticism she receives from fans. Her decisions are extremely questionable, and it seems like she doesn’t care that fans tagged her as a villain.

When Stephanie was first introduced, it was clear that she was the quintessential cougar who embraced her role as sweet mom with her then-fiancé from Belize, Ryan Carr. Stephanie lavished him with gifts, secretly paid his salary, and gave money to his family. She never hesitates to flaunt her privilege and seems to use her wealth to manipulate the people around her. After an explosive breakup with Ryan, Stephanie turned to her cousin, Harris, and picked up the point where her relationship with Ryan ended.

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Fans were quick to call Stephanie a sex tourist and think she is very manipulative. When she does things like pay Ryan’s salary, she is controlling him financially and she overlooks it if he does something she doesn’t like. Stephanie is even checking in with Ryan’s family and threatened to withdraw the money she gave her mother because she wasn’t grateful enough. It’s not fair to give someone a gift and then demand that they return it just because you didn’t thank them enough.

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Many fans can’t stand Stephanie and call her “possibly the worst person to have lived in 90 days.“They say the way he treats Ryan and Harris is disrespectful and racist. “She sees local men of color in Belize as interchangeable“A fan commented. Some think that he gets into these kinds of relationships with Sugar Mama because he has too many red flags for a regular relationship to work. “Everything about Stephanie is gross”Summed up a fan.

Stephanie can certainly be troublesome, but there have also been concerns about her safety. Many fans think he has a serious problem with drugs and alcohol. They see your slurred words and questionable behavior as a sign that you are in crisis. Stephanie was also sexually assaulted by Ryan when he had sex with her without a condom, a move known as “stealth.“Stephanie has definitely made mistakes, but she has also been a victim in this process.

There are many fans who are critical of Stephanie, and the 90 day fiancé Star goes a long way to earn that criticism. Their manipulative nature and clueless privilege cause problems and make their relationships inherently unfair. However, it is also true that she has been abused and her mental state is questionable due to her alcohol and drug use. It’s hard to say if she deserves her villain tag, but Stephanie seems to be working hard to become the fans that she is.

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