Shannon Beador of The Real Housewives of Orange County came close to being sued by her ex-husband David Beador after speaking out once again about his new wife.

Shannon Beador from The Real Housewives of Orange County She was almost sued by her ex-husband David Beador after talking about his new wife on social media. The two women still haven’t met after two years, and fans are wondering if David likes her like this.

Fans of the show will recall that the couple broke up in 2017 after they failed to solve the problem of David’s cheating. They later finalized their divorce in 2019. The cameras followed Shannon as she lost her cool at times, but everyone breathed a sigh of relief when the papers were signed. The divorce was not easy as they had a nasty custody battle and argued over money, leaving both David and Shannon with a bad taste.

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Bravo fans assumed that once Shannon and David broke up, they would be cordial and move on with their lives. The exact opposite has happened, as the former couple continue to fight each other in the press. Us weekly He reported that issues remain so heated between the two that David threatened to sue the mother of his children. It all started when the housewife made an appearance at SiriusXM by Jeff Lewis radio show and spoke out of turn about the baby gift he had sent to his ex.

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The host alleged that David had sent her multiple text messages, which were angry in nature, after asking Shannon about the true story behind the missing baby gift. According to the mother of three, she sent a beautiful gift home and revealed to fans that it was returned to her and it was never opened. Lesley Cook recently revealed on Instagram that she had found the gift and opened it up in one of her stories for everyone to see. Now David has “requested” for Shannon to stop mentioning Cook on TV and outside of the reality TV series. Jeff gave an update on his most recent episode in which he actually read the texts out loud to the listeners where he showed that David wrote: “You and Shannon are so fucking boring” and “All you can do is talk about me and my wife.” The texts did not paint David well, and he even called Jeff a fool.

Fans of The Real Housewives of Orange County just think that both Shannon and David should go ahead and learn to communicate for the sake of their three daughters. Shannon has taken steps to move on with her life since she began dating John Janssen. The chain has also hinted that there may be a shakeup within the franchise, with many wondering if Shannon will make the cut.

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Source: SiriusXM Jeff Lewis Live, Us weekly

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