WARNING: The following contains important spoilers for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13, Episode 13, “Henny, I Shrunk the Drag Queens”, which aired on Friday VH1.

This week in RuPaul’s Drag Race, the queens appear in a short film inspired by Honey, I shrunk the kids! Along with that, the track is all about pockets, and the competitors better do it, as this is a battle for the top four. The following article breaks down the challenges and eliminations of Season 13, Episode 13, with plenty of spoilers ahead.

The consequences of the past week


After Utica went home, the queens return to the workroom, and Symone reminds herself that she needs to get out of her head, especially since this is the top five. Meanwhile, Kandy Muse feels like a true competitor now with her first win, and she’s determined to stay on top.

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The Maxi-Challenge: Hey, I shrunk the Drag Queens!


In Henny! I shrunk the drag queens the competitors will act in a short film. Olivia Luxx wants to be Ginger Ale, the fool, which worries Gottmik since the character is super innocent and that is why Olivia has been criticized on the catwalk. Rosé wants to be Brandy, the sarcastic one, and Gottmik wants to be Chardonae.

While these queens have no problem with their choices, both Kandy and Symone want to be Dominique, the movie’s villain. Eventually, Symone reluctantly agrees to be Margarita the smart one, with Kandy trying to convince her that this role suits her best given her similarities to the character. In fact, each queen ends up with a character that is similar to her real-life drag character in some way.

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In the midst of the queens’ preparations, Scarlett Johansson appears on screen to give them some acting tips. Olivia asks the Black widow what is the best way to approach acting against imaginary monsters, so he advises you to have conviction, as acting is making the unbelievable believable. Kandy then asks him what is the best way to play a villain, and Johansson says that you should love that character and still have sympathy for him. Mik also asks her how to soar by playing a small role, and Johansson tells them that “there are no small roles, only small queens.” As they conclude their conversation, Johansson’s husband, Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost pokes his head out to make a queen-sized prank before the queens disband to get to work.

On set, Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley are the directors, reminding the queens that they need to go big despite the movie’s premise. When filming begins, Symone is warned that he must present a stronger character. After that scene, Kandy has a scene all to herself, and the directors keep asking her to repeat her line, but she makes everyone laugh in the process.

In the next set scene, Olivia is asking a lot of questions about what to do. Meanwhile, Rosé is the one to be reckoned with according to Mik, and even the directors whisper to themselves about what a great actress she is. As for Mik, he takes directing well, so when he gets his solo scene, the room laughs at his performance.

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The Runway – Ode Pockets

gottmik rupaul

Symone stands up first in a pantsuit that appears to be tucked inside someone’s jean pocket, and her hair is channeling classic Paramore vibes. Then Olivia comes in wearing a short dress with huge pockets and crystals. Rosé is still in her black and white maude dress, which makes her look like a 60s Barbie doll. Kandy then comes out in a colorful outfit, with the shiny pockets dangling from it. Gottmik is the latest queen, wearing a trench coat that opens on stage to reveal a dress made of watches, paying homage to a Disney joke. Hercules.

The comments

rupaul drag race

While Michelle was originally nervous about the loss of Symone, the movie proved that she actually appeared on screen, bringing nuances to the humor. His appearance on the catwalk was also impressive and what the judges expected with this challenge. Olivia, on the other hand, wore a beautiful dress with pockets, but the outfit wasn’t about the pockets. She did well with her character as well, but she had turned innocent before, and the judges wanted to see more range from her, especially since this character was her choice. This lands her on the bottom.

As for Rosé, Michelle and Carson rave about how professional, efficient, and fun she is to work with, and this is worth it because her physical comedy is fantastic in the final product. Her runway look is great too, and Michelle says it’s one of Rosé’s best looks of the season, cementing her win for the episode. Unfortunately for Kandy, her catwalk failed as it didn’t fit well, wasn’t elevated enough, and looked sloppy to the judges. She even admits that she doesn’t feel beautiful in it. As for his performance, he’s very Kandy, and the judges wanted to see more than that, so he’s in the bottom two.

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Solving the criticism is Gotmik, and the judges can’t get enough of his outfit, describing it as fun, modern, well-executed, and a great cultural reference. His performance was also stellar, thanks to his physical comedy, ideas, and timing.

With the criticism over, RuPaul asks the queens who they think should go home. Everyone except Olivia says she should go because she’s the one who has grown the least. Meanwhile, Olivia struggles with an answer, she doesn’t mean herself, but she doesn’t mean anyone else either. Finally, he says that Kandy should be based on criticism.

Who went home this week

olivia luxx rupaul

This is Kandy’s third lip sync and Olivia’s second, in addition to her initial lip syncs. They perform to the beat of Cher’s “Strong Enough,” which starts out slow before the queens start dancing. In the end, Olivia loses, finishing in the top four Symone, Gottmik, Rosé and Kandy.

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