Linda Hamilton passed away upon returning for Terminator 3, but here was her planned role, and her death, in the early versions of the script.

Here was Sarah Connor’s planned role in Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, including how the character died. Linda Hamilton turned Sarah into one of the most iconic action heroines in cinema. The character started in Terminator as a normal woman who is attacked by a murderous cyborg sent from the future, and who wants to kill her before she gives birth to the future leader of the human resistance. By Terminator 2: final judgmentSarah was a hardened survivor haunted by the impending end of the world.

Terminator 2 ended with the apocalypse seemingly canceled, with the character’s voiceover indicating that she, and her young son John, can finally look to the future. Hamilton finally passed away Terminator 3 as she felt she did little to promote Sarah’s journey. He later demonstrated a voice-over cameo for the fourth film, but finally returned for 2019. Terminator: Dark Fate, where it proved to be a highlight in a disappointing legacy sequel.

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In explaining why he passed away Terminator 3, Hamilton cited the character’s lack of evolution and the fact that Sarah was killed midway through. In the final movie, it is revealed that John lived off the grid, while Sarah died of leukemia years before. Her presence endures in the film, but in Tedi Sarafian’s original draft, Sarah was an active part of the story. The script is very similar to the final film, although the role played by Kate Brewster (Claire Danes) is largely occupied by Sarah, aside from the romance with John, of course.

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In this Terminator 3 John has tried to put the past behind him as he believes the Skynet apocalypse was successfully averted. Sarah, on the other hand, doesn’t and the two have grown apart. She remains an outsider who goes off with a band of mercenaries, while John works for a computer company. He soon finds himself haunted by a terminator named T1-G, whose abilities include being able to turn invisible and read minds, to some degree. Sarah and the new Terminator save John from her and a chase ensues.

Like the final movie, they learn that Judgment Day is imminent as Skynet has become sensitive. This takes on Terminator 3 it’s mostly John’s story, and while Sarah has some funny moments and lines, it’s easy to see why Hamilton felt like he was retreading old ground while adding little that was new. That said, she and John share an emotional scene before the final act picks up on speed. However, the scene of Sarah’s death would have likely angered fans, with the T1-G holding her by the neck to prevent John from attacking Skynet in the finale. Realizing that her mother is doomed no matter what, she shoots Skynet and the terminator breaks Sarah’s neck before “discarding her as a used Kleenex”.

While Hamilton said that Sarah Terminator 3 death occurred midway through the script, it’s in the last ten pages of Sarafian’s draft, although you may have read a different version. The script was eventually reworked to cut the budget, which included giving TX less quirky skills and replacing the role of Sarah with Kate Brewster.

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