After three outings with overwhelming endings, Sebastian Stan says that episode 4 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is probably the best.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 4 will have the best suspense, says Sebastian Stan. Marvel Studios’ ongoing Disney + series has reached its midpoint in its six episodes. At this point, all the main characters from the show have appeared, which means that anyone else who comes along would be a surprise, like Ayo from Black Panther.

Episode 3 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier It ended with Ayo from the Wakandan Dora Milaje asking Bucky about Zemo. Earlier in the same outing, the heroes came to terms with the Captain America: Civil War villain so that he could help them locate the source of the Super Soldier serum used by the Flag-Smashers. Prior to this, the first two episodes of the series also similarly ended with the sneak peek of Zemo and John Walker, the new Captain America. Stan says, however, that the next suspense will be better.

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Recognizing this pattern from the MCU series thus far, the actor exaggerates how episode 4 of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will end in a new interview with MTV Asia. While he was unable to divulge anything specific to the plot, he says it’s something viewers wouldn’t want to miss out on.

“We have our own kind of moment where we end up in that kind of thing that keeps you going for things to come. But I’d say Episode 4 is probably pretty strong.”

Ayo and Bucky in Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 3

Apart from the surprise of episode 4, there has also been talk of the emotional The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 5 will be. Assuming the next cliffhanger features an entirely new character as in its first three episodes and that they play a major role in the future, these two teases are likely connected. At this point in the story, there are still many questions that need answered, but the show is promised to be a deep dive into the mantle of Captain America. Given this, expect more focus on that in the next few episodes, especially as you near the end.

The cast and crew of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier I need to be a bit more cautious promoting these supposed surprises after WandaVision, However. While the Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany-led show was generally praised for its creativity and performance, some were not thrilled with WandaVisionThere are many red herrings. While her story still ended on a strong note, viewers started watching her expect a massive cameo or plot twist that ultimately didn’t happen. Given this, it would be better for its predecessor to handle fan expectations more effectively.

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Source: MTV Asia

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