America Chavez joins Spider-Man as he strives to uncover his family’s history in a special preview of America Chavez: Made in the USA # 2.

Possible spoilers for America Chavez: Made in USA # 2 ahead!

Spiderman joins America Chávez in a special preview of America Chavez: Made in USA # 2, on sale in stores and online on April 7th.

America Chavez, who sometimes refers to herself as “Miss America,” first appeared in 2011 Revenge # 1 and was created by writer Joe Casey and artist Nick Dragotta. Chávez quickly became a rising star and would soon join the Young Avengers; She would also serve on the Avengers women’s team nicknamed A-Force, as well as the Ultimates. America comes from an alternate dimension called the utopian parallel; Both of her mothers sacrificed themselves to save her dimension, and inspired by that, America came into our universe and embarked on a heroic career. Recently, fans have learned that there was more to the origin of América Chávez than was initially thought; Previously, it was thought that he traveled the Multiverse before reaching ours, but now he has visions of an Earth-bound family called Santana. Something is wrong, and América Chávez must get to the bottom of the matter, and is asking the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man for help.

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In a preview of the issue, readers see more about the new history of America. In a flashback, he is confronted by a bully who says that a family tree he has drawn for the class “is not real.” Her “brother”, Roberto, assures América that she is very much a “Santana”, but when he asks to see the drawing, it is from his family on the Utopian Parallel. Later today, America is talking to Spider-Man, who also seems confused about his origins, not knowing of a human family. She assures him that everything is fine, but before he can elaborate, the two run into a couple of looters and jump into action when the preview ends.

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In the first decade of its existence, América Chávez has become a fan-favorite character, joining Marvel’s heavy hitters along the way; In this preview, Spider-Man is not only helping her fight criminals, but he’s also helping her solve her now tangled past. Spider-Man knows a thing or two about family and the drama it can bring, so he’s the perfect person to work with.

America’s star Chávez has grown rapidly and will make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in 2022. Doctor Strange and the multiverse of madness, where she will be interpreted by the actress Xochitl Gómez. Readers can view your team with Spiderman in America Chávez: Made in the USA # 2by the writer Kalinda Vasquez, the artist Carlos Gómez and the colorist Jesús Aburtov; Sara Pichelli and Tamra Bonvillain provide the cover.

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