Cartoon Network Original Teen Titans The animated series was a very unique show. Between its anime aesthetic, the multiple versions of its main theme, and its emphasis on dark comic book characters, the series was completely unlike anything else DC was doing at the time. One of the most interesting things he put Teen Titans Apart from his peers, there was his approach to the secret identities of his characters, or rather, his lack of them.

Series co-developer Glen Murakami wanted children to be able to easily identify with Teen Titans‘main heroes, and they felt that delving into their civil alter egos would contradict this idea. “I thought that the moment you started giving them secret identities, the children could no longer project themselves into the characters,” Murakami said in a speech. Interview 2004. “And that was important to me.”

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As such, Teen Titans He rarely explored the idea of ​​his main characters having secret identities, and he hardly ever used their real names. When the team went to the local pizzeria for a slice or to the video store to rent a movie, they did so in costume. In fact, they were even often depicted sleeping in their costumes. They weren’t Dick Grayson, Koriand’r, Victor Stone, Rachel Roth, and Garfield Logan. They were simply Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy.

This rule was much looser in the New Teen Titans spin-off and is practically non-existent in Teen Titans Go!. That being said, even the original Teen Titans he broke his edict of “no secret identities” from time to time and used the real names of his characters, either subtly or overtly. In fact, by the time the show ended, the only main character who didn’t have her secret identity referenced in some way was Raven, though if you want to get technical, Raven is her real name and “Rachel Roth” personality is a fabrication (not unlike Clark Kent’s identity from Kal-El / Superman).

Robin Faces Himself

While it is never explicitly stated, it is strongly implied that Teen TitansRobin’s version is, in fact, Dick Grayson. Perhaps the clearest proof of this is the season 2 premiere episode, “How Long is Forever?”, In which Starfire travels 20 years into the future and discovers that Robin has taken on the persona of Nightwing. However, although it is never said out loud, Dick Grayson’s name can be seen later in season 2 during the episode “Fractured”.

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In “Fractured,” Robin is visited by an excitable little version of himself from an alternate universe named Nosyarg Kcid. This, of course, is “Dick Grayson” spelled backwards, and that name is clearly visible on the screen when Nosyarg introduces himself. The Titans quickly decide that “Nosyarg Kcid” is too difficult to pronounce and nickname the new Robin “Larry”.

Cyborg goes undercover

Despite having been uttered several times in Teen Titans Go!, the original Teen Titans He never used Cyborg’s real and full name from Victor Stone. With that said, Cyborg adopted the nickname “Stone” to begin with. Teen Titans Season 3 main story arc.

In the season 3 premiere, “Deception,” Cyborg infiltrates HIVE Academy as Stone, an aspiring supervillain with the ability to turn his body into rock solid. He is able to carry out this illusion with a pair of hologram rings that Robin gave him. But while “Stone” is able to gain the trust of his fellow HIVE students, director Brother Blood finally sees through Cyborg’s disguise.

Starfire’s wedding

As with Raven, Starfire’s real name technically is Starfire, as it is the English translation of her Tamaranean name, Koriand’r. However, in Teen TitansStarfire’s teammates never refer to her as “Koriand’r” or “Kory”, which they do in other DC outlets. Your home planet, on the other hand, is a different story.

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In it Teen Titans In the season 3 episode “Betrothed”, Starfire is forced to return to Tamaran for an arranged marriage, which the team soon discovers was orchestrated by her villainous older sister, Blackfire. Upon Starfire’s arrival, she engages in a playful shouting match with her foster father, Galfore, during which he refers to her as “Koriand’r”. This name drop is a subtle thing and pretty easy to miss if you’re not listening specifically to it, but it’s definitely there.

Beast Boy and the Doom Patrol

Teen TitansThe fifth and final season was important to Beast Boy, as it not only forced him to take on a leadership role for the first time, but also addressed his past as a member of the Doom Patrol.

In the two-part season five premiere “Homecoming,” Doom Patrol frontman Mento asks the changeling to rejoin the team to take care of some unfinished business. Mento initially rejects the help of the other Titans, though they secretly follow him and help the Doomed Patrol out of a tight spot. When the two teams part ways in “Homecoming – Part 2,” Elasti-Girl hugs Beast Boy and says, “We are so proud of you, Garfield.”

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The other Titans (namely Cyborg and Raven) mock Beast Boy for his real name, implying that they had never heard of him before. Raven even jokes that “she’s going to get a lot out of this”, though she never shows up again. That said, one afternoon Teen Titans The season 5 episode teases the idea of ​​Beast Boy having a secret identity in the first place.

In “Go!” – an episode from the prequel showing how the Titans met – Beast Boy still wears the mask he wore as a member of the Doom Patrol. His new friends suggest that he get rid of him, although Beast Boy is reluctant at first and asks, “But what about my secret identity?” Raven responds, “What secret identity? You’re green.”

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