After Vin Diesel refused to return for xXx 2, the producers mistakenly thought that they could just insert a new hero into the xXx mix and fans wouldn’t mind.

After Vin Diesel refused to return for xXx 2, the producers mistakenly thought that they could just insert a new hero into the xXx mix and fans wouldn’t mind. Baritone-voiced Diesel sometimes has his acting style ridiculed by naysayers, but clearly, he’s doing something right. Diesel first got noticed playing the deadly antihero Richard Riddick in the 2000s. Black tone, and although that franchise ended up being a mixed bag, Diesel soon after would enter the ground floor of one of the most successful action series in Hollywood: The fast and the furious.

Outside of the huge return on investment obtained by the first Fast and Furious In 2001, 2002 saw Diesel debut his next big character in xXxXander Cage. A stunt double, extreme sports athlete and badass, Cage is recruited to become an unlikely secret agent by the NSA, in the form of Samuel L.’s Augustus Gibbons.

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xXx It seemed clearly designed to start a franchise, and it was, but Diesel didn’t like the script for the sequel. xXx: State of the Union, so he left the project. Not wanting to give up what they thought was a new fashion brand at this point, Sony went ahead and hired Ice Cube to play a new lead character. To put it mildly, it was a miscalculation.

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Why xXx Can’t Succeed Without Vin Diesel

xXx: Xander Cage Return Posters and Trailer - Vin Diesel

When deciding to do xXx: State of the Union without Vin Diesel, Sony really fell victim to one of the classic mistakes. The study vastly underestimated the amount of xXxThe success was due to Diesel’s star power, and he vastly overestimated the appeal of the xXx name and universe for the public. This is not to suggest that Ice Cube is not a celebrity, having starred in several blockbuster movies in his own right, but Diesel was, and is, one of Hollywood’s most profitable stars. There are definitely people who go to see movies because they are Vin Diesel movies, and that includes xXx. Without Diesel’s Xander Cage at the helm, the public had a hard time State of the union, which bombed so badly that it didn’t even return its budget to theaters.

More evidence to support lack of diesel as the main reason xXx 2 failed can be seen in 2017 xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, which saw Diesel return to the fold. The return of Xander Cage made even higher profits than the original xXx, and that’s despite a 15-year gap since Diesel last played Cage. In fact, it turned out to be such a success that Diesel will return for a xXx 4, which is currently in process. For better or for worse, hopefully Sony will now realize that xXx The franchise runs on diesel power only.

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