Betrayal and chaos arrive in Purgatory when Wynonna Earp reaches his penultimate installment. Here’s a spoiler-filled roundup for “Better Dig Two.”

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Wynonna Earp Season 4 Episode 11, “Better Dig Two,” which aired Friday on Syfy.

Following the suspenseful ending of the previous episode, Jolene’s final act has transformed Waverly Earp into a dark angel hell-bent on forcing humanity to submit to her will or face total annihilation. And as Wynonna rushes to bring her sister to her senses, Doc Holliday and Nicole Haught have to examine how far each will go to save their loved ones in “Better Dig Two,” the penultimate episode of Wynonna Earp Season 4.

As Doc desperately fights the vampire urge to feed off Mercedes Gardner and her exposed wound, with the help of Jeremy Chetri, Wynonna continues her confrontation with her transformed sister Waverly. Dispensing the mind-altering fog of the Ghost River Triangle, Waverly decides to impose his judgment on humanity before blinding Wynonna after the gunman’s attempts to appeal to Waverly’s humanity fail. A different showdown takes place just beyond where the fog had spread between Cleo Clanton and Rachel Valdez. Soon, the former realizes that Jolene has been murdered.

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Cleo convinces Rachel to perform a blood ritual to restore Billy Clanton to normal and enlist her help in the looming battle for the fate of the world as Cleo secretly moves to claim Rachel’s weapon. Recovered Billy finds Wynonna, who reunites his old rival with his trusty revolver, Peacemaker, and agrees to escort her to safety. So it seems that the grudge between them is finally resolved when they officially repair the fences just in time for Wynonna to regain his sight. Wynonna sets out to rescue Rachel as Waverly arrives at the BBD prison and drives everyone in her path into a murderous rage.

Realizing that she is mortally wounded, Mercedes convinces Doc to transform her into a vampire, and the Wild West figure obeys. Now, with two vampires, the two are able to break free from their cell and free those held by the BBD, and Mercedes embraces her new vampire nature. As Nicole escorts the group out of the BBD facility, Doc and Mercedes feel Waverly’s dark powers calling out to them. However, Doc visibly resists these urges as he confronts his old friend. Soon, Doc seems to give in to Waverly’s orders and embarks on a new mission. Jeremy subsequently takes control of the BBD again, this time with bloody determination.

While rescuing Rachel from Cleo on the Clanton farm, Cleo summons Hoyt Clanton to rise from the grave as a reaper and tasks him to capture her and retrieve Peacemaker. With Cleo revealing a plan to claim her birthright as Clanton’s heir, Doc reveals that he wants to be the heir instead, forcing Wynonna to perform a ritual that will give her the title, evidently now completely enslaved by Waverly. Remembering that Doc would never shoot a person in the back, which is what caused his breakup in the first place, Wynonna refuses to face him in a duel and uses the moment of uncertainty to permanently defeat Holt. The duel still comes at a price, however, as Doc reveals that he intentionally unloaded his revolver before confronting Waverly, causing his own gun to shoot him in the butt.

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Now free of Waverly’s influence, Doc, mortally wounded, tries to convince Wynonna to bring him out of his misery before Waverly interrupts them. In exchange for the book that will give him total dominance, Waverly heals Doc and heals him of his vampirism, though the effort visibly weakens her. Waverly is intercepted by Nicole, who purges the dark angel from her by vowing to be constantly attached to her and the Ghost River Triangle. And with Doc and Wynonna finally moving toward a seemingly safe reconciliation with Doc and Purgatory once again, Nicole and Waverly prepare for their wedding as the series moves toward a happy ending.

Produced by SEVEN24 Films and IDW Entertainment, Wynonna Earp stars Melanie Scrofano as the title character, Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Waverly, Katherine Barrell as Nicole Haught, and Tim Rozon as Doc Holliday. New episodes of the fourth season of Wynonna Earp air every Friday on Syfy.

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