Although The Pokémon Company loves to give the first 151 Pokémon the spotlight over the others, the Johto Region also holds fond memories on the minds of many fans. Whether fans have enjoyed their hunt for the legendary dogs or battling Ho-Oh or Lugia, the second Pokemon it is not worth abandoning the generation.

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While fans may have experienced similar feelings and encounters with the Johto Region, fans will also find that some of the new Pokémon introduced to this region are extremely dangerous.

10 Magcargo will burn anyone who comes into contact with his body and may leave traces of lava

Magcargo from Pokémon

The Pokemon The world has many Pokémon with real life animal counterparts, some look cute but can be extremely dangerous. Magcargo, although a slow-moving snail, has the power to incinerate anyone who touches his body. With body temperatures that can reach 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit, it is a fire-type Pokémon that no one wants to find.

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Magcargo adores his shell the most as it is part of his skin and will attack anyone who wants to damage it. Magcargo is also known to leave trails of lava as it moves. Considering the number of deaths that occurred due to human contact with lava, Magcargo would be a threat worth avoiding.

9 Houndoom is not a friendly canine companion and can carry poisonous toxins

Houndoom from Pokémon

Although Pokémon aren’t real, it doesn’t stop fans from considering which Pokémon would make a great household pet. But despite looking like a dog, Houndoom is far from a cuddly canine companion.

Houndoom species love to fight each other for dominance and carry deadly toxins within their bodies that would not fit in well with humans. Furthermore, Houdoom can inflict wounds on people that will never heal and they will love spending time with other people of his kind.

8 Donphan has great stamina and can destroy houses

Ethan and Donphan from Pokémon

Ash may have the courage and heart that many people look for in a Pokémon master, but some of his losses make some people feel like he’s not even close to idolizing. Although Donphan is one of Ash’s strongest Pokémon that rarely wins battles, it is still a creature that would be too dangerous to be around.

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Donphan can curl into spheres and has the strength to knock down large houses. It is a Pokémon that needs to be attacked with something fierce because its armor plates make it a defensive monstrosity to fight.

7 Scizor is a very durable Pokémon with immense attack power

Scizor is about to attack

Although there are many anime universes, such as Attack on Titan, Containing monstrous creatures that have no problem harming humanity, Scizor is a Pokémon that humans should fear. With powers that classify it as a Pokémon that can defeat Iron Man, Scizor is a fast bug that is sure to leave its victims begging for mercy.

Additionally, Scizor’s claws can crush many solid objects with ease and help Scizor eradicate its prey. His body is rock solid and durable, making it difficult for enemies to deal with severe pain. It is a Pokémon that loves to intimidate and fight everything it sees.

6 Kingdra can summon huge water tornadoes to destroy ships

Kingdra from Pokémon

When generation two was fresh and new in the Pokemon community, many fans loved seeing new features and abilities being added to Johto Pokemon games. Seadra was a popular Pokémon that could evolve with a held item, and its final evolution, Kindra, was not something people wanted to pass on.

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Although Kindra is a beautiful Pokémon to look at, it has powers that would make it a fearsome creature. In it Pokemon world, these Pokémon can destroy small ships and create huge water tornadoes to antagonize the inhabitants of the surface.

5 Tyranitar will attack everything in its path and create intense earthquakes

Although Tyranitar bears a striking resemblance to Godzilla, it is a Pokémon many forget is not legendary. Although it may not be a Legendary Pokémon, Tyranitar can perform feats that make it worth fearing. Tyranitar is prone to attacking anything within its range of vision and ensures that enemies are not left untouched.

These Pokémon have the power to reshape the land around them by causing catastrophic earthquakes. If he achieved his mega evolution appearance, Tyranitar’s strength would quadruple, which is a sight no one would want to be around.

4 Unown can distort reality and loves working with anyone, even if they have despicable intentions.

Unown from Pokémon

The Pokemon The world has many creatures with intriguing and strange appearances. Unown is a Pokémon that looks like an everyday object. Regardless of Unown’s weird appearance, he has powers that will make many people think twice about teasing him.

Able to read people’s minds, Unown can also distort the world and shape it to fit the wishes of whoever he is serving. This power alone makes it dangerous to have the Unown species in a world full of people who love to commit heinous acts.

3 Legendary dogs are a problem when alone, but can be more deadly when together

Suicune, Raikou and Entei from Pokémon

When put into context by the three legendary dogs Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, people will witness the dangerous sides of proper teamwork.

Entei’s roar can cause volcanic eruptions and can shoot fire hot enough to destroy anything it touches. Raikou can shake the earth with his roar and has the power to control electricity. Lastly, Suicune can cause strong wind currents. By combining the abilities of the three beasts, humanity would go mad with fear and anguish.

two Lugia can control and create energy storms and take down cliffs by flapping her wings

Lugia from Pokémon

As the Pokémon that oversees the actions of the three legendary birds Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, Lugia is understandably a powerful and dangerous Pokémon. Lugia is able to control and create storms and destroy cliffs with a single flick of her wings.

It is a Pokémon with vast knowledge of the powers it possesses and tends to isolate itself from others who wish to use its powers for evil purposes. The storms it creates can last for more than a month, giving you more reason to hibernate in the deepest depths of the ocean.

one Ho-Oh is a legendary Pokémon that evil people can easily manipulate

Ho-Oh from Pokémon

With powers that can raise the dead, many would wonder why Ho-Oh’s abilities make him a dangerous creature. Despite the tradition that he can bring eternal happiness to those who see him, Ho-Oh is a creature that no one would want to anger or annoy.

Upon examining the description of Ho-Oh in the Pokemon Adventures manga, a masked individual manipulated Ho-Oh to attack and destroy some selected areas without hesitation. With devastating attacks like Sacred Fire and being a manipulable Legendary Pokémon, Ho-Oh’s gift of “everlasting happiness” doesn’t seem alluring.

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