Ahead of his wedding and baby drama in the 90-Day Boyfriend season 8 finale, Jovi Dufren posted a sweet memory of the first time he met Yara Zaya.

If Mike Youngquist infamously left him with Natalie Modovtseva in 90 day fiancé On cold feet, last-minute nerves could cause Jovi Dufren to do the same with Yara Zaya, a relationship that began in Budapest. Throughout the season, TLC viewers have watched Yara and Jovi argue about their love of alcohol and not paying attention to their future wife. However, the carefree couple who crossed paths on a dating app didn’t expect to see themselves in Las Vegas getting married on a reality show. Before the season 8 finale shows your wedding and introduces your baby to the world, 90 day fiancé Star Jovi revealed how Yara met him and changed him for the better in Budapest.

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The power dynamic between Yara and Jovi has been the essence of their story in 90 day fiancé. With the headstrong and so-called gold digger Yara coming from Ukraine to New Orleans and finding a different version of the fiancé she had met on board, the fights were bound to happen. As Jovi promised over and over again that she would change, especially after learning about the baby, Yara became increasingly disappointed in her man. But while you keep holding 90 day fiancé star Yara in the dark about her date with strippers, Jovi is ready to marry her fashionista partner, only if her nerves don’t get in the way.

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Jovi had first spoken of how she had met Yara out of sheer boredom during one of her business trips across the sea. Loneliness drew the 90 day fiancé star to a travel app, where he saw Yara and decided to meet her to flirt. The Kiev resident who “turns head when walkingHowever, it made Jovi fall completely in love while the couple drank and dined, and decided to travel the world for six months. However, for a 90 days naked all episode, Jovi had confessed that their first meeting was “very very uncomfortable, “And Yara added that her first thought was”Why is this guy dressed so gross?“Because he was wearing a”so ugly jacket. “

By Yara 90 day fiancé partner Jovi had admitted that Yara had hated the “typical american style“In which he was dressed, however, he later realized that”He is nice. “To show the fans the jacket he was wearing, Jovi dufren uploaded a set of retroactive photographs of “The first weekYara and he had met in Budapest. “Hot springs how quickly my wardrobe changed while you pass over”Jovi wrote in her Instagram caption as the photos showed her style transitioning from one photo to another. “Wow she leveled you up“Commented a 90 day fiancé viewer, and another fan added: “Lmao she cheated on you friend. “

It’s no wonder Yara is touted as the most glamorous member of the cast of 90 day fiancé yet. Her “eye challenges you“To the way she drapes her blazers over her shoulders, Yara’s style has been trending since her first episode on reality TV. The young mother now has her own fashion store, with pieces that sell out as soon as she puts them on sale. And if Yara the diva wanted to give someone a style tip, who better than her? 90 day fiancé future husband, right?

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