The first issue of Marvel’s Alien sets a new timeline for the franchise and explains how feature films fit into the new canon.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Alien # 1, by Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Salvador Larroca, Guru-eFX and Clayton Cowles of VC, on sale now.

Unsurprisingly, Marvel’s new interpretation of Alien has altered the already complex timeline of the classic franchise. The Aliens comics published by Dark Horse production started in 1988, before the launch of Alien 3, and thus created their own unique continuity, extending outside the events of the first two films. Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, on the other hand, contradicted the Alien vs. Predator movies that came before.

The new Marvel continuity will naturally need to make changes to fit into the franchise’s already conflicting continuity. With Marvel publishing so much Alien and Predator comics and Disney preparing a new FX Aliens series, quite a few changes are being made to the continuity of the comic.

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The concrete past of the Marvel alien

On the main cover of Alien # 1, the basic canon is established as it currently exists. In the year 2122, the events of the original Alien occurs. In 2179, 57 years later, the events of Aliens occurs. The comic takes place in the year 2200. No other movie is mentioned in the prologue, which, for hardcore Alien fans, leaves a lot of loopholes.

Looking exclusively at the movies as they currently exist, some dates are missing. In the timeline above, Prometheus took place in 2093 and Alien: Covenant took place in 2104. Both are prequel stories that establish the origins of the Xenomorph, as well as humanity’s first encounters with the Engineers, the legendary Space Jockey first seen in the original. Alien. There is no mention of them in the entire comic.

Nor is the game mentioned above canon. Alien: Isolation, which takes place in 2137, between Alien and Aliens However, the game could still be canon if any mention of Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda emerges in the new Marvel continuity.

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Why might the past not be written?

xenomorph alien vs predator

Even though it only evolved roughly eighteen years before the original film, the origins and history of the Xenomorphs are never explored in the first issue. This does not mean that Prometheus and Alien: Covenant they are reconnected or ignored. Rather, it just means that, as of this comic, they haven’t been mentioned yet. However, this also leads to another possibility.

Alien’s timeline has multiple pasts. The Prometheus The timeline directly contradicts the Alien vs. Predator timeline, indicating that without confirmation, the above may not canon AVP stories, indicating that the xenomorphs had a history spanning thousands of years prior to the original Alien movie, it might be closer to modern canon.

It is also possible that there is this gap open in the timeline for FX Aliens The series can create a new history of the Xenomorphs without being contradicted by another component of the continuity. The series is said to take place in the not-too-distant future, indicating that the show could contradict the timeline set by Prometheus.

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The post-alien chronology

Are the events that follow Aliens that gets complicated. By 2200, we see that Weyland-Yutani has begun cloning new Xenomorphs at Epsilon Station, a satellite orbiting Earth. We also know that the bishop seen in Aliens he was rescued in some way, based on conversations between a new bishop and Gabriel Cruz. We know that Gabriel Cruz was a Colonial Marine who encountered xenomorphs and survived, despite overwhelming odds.

If this is how Weyland-Yutani recovered the Xenomorph creep for his experiments at Epsilon Station, then this directly contradicts the events of Alien: resurrection and May contradict Alien 3. Taking place in 2381, Alien: resurrection indicated that the Xenomorph creep that Weyland-Yutani harvested for his genetic cloning experiments came from Ripley’s remains and the remains of the Alien Queen growing within her. It took more than two centuries to create a suitable artificial Xenomorph. In Marvel’s timeline, it took two decades, indicating that they had more samples to work with than the remains Ripley left them after burning his body.

However, it is also not mentioned Alien 3 in the timeline, which takes place in 2179. The state of Alien 3 is the most vague in the entire continuity as the cover indicates that the second trip to LV-426 ended in tragedy. Now this tragedy could refer to the end of Aliens with most of the Colonial Marines dead and the colony razed, but it could also be referring to the events of Alien 3as both take place in the same year and both are focused on the same mission to LV-426. Alien 3 it could be the return trip.

It is possible that, in this continuity, Ripley, unlike Alien: resurrection, successfully removed all traces of the Xenomorphs when it burned down, forcing Weyland-Yutani to embark on another mission for Xenomorph creep, which ended successfully. Elements of Alien 3, especially the Bishop androids based on Weyland-Yutani executive Michael Bishop appear to be canonical. Future comics will need to be clarified Alien 3place in the new timeline. However, it is safe to say that Alien: resurrection it is out of continuity.

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