Ingenious Minecraft players discover a fail-safe method of taking passengers on elite flight simply by using leashes, pigs, and saddles.

Minecraft players discovered a clever way to share an elite flight in the basic game client. Recently, another unlikely feature was noted in the litter box title, changing the perception of a popular item.

It is common for Minecraft players to intentionally trigger raids on the village to farm resources and special items. One of the most valuable things players can get from defending NPC cities is the Totem of Undying. It basically allows players to cheat death and go back in time after a critical hit, which would have otherwise killed the totem wielder. As players discovered, zombies can literally do the same thing if they grab a totem lying on the ground. Strictly speaking, the object turns them into truly undead. Surprising discoveries like this are constantly being made in the classic survival game, as players push MinecraftSandbox to its limits.

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Inventive Minecraft Players have found a way to carry passengers on elytra using pigs on a leash, which makes vanilla survival trips that much more fun. IanXO4 has shared the discovery on Reddit via a short video, demonstrating the shared flight in action. Basically, the owner of the elytra is holding a leash with a pig attached to it. The animal is equipped with a saddle that allows another player to join the journey in the air. However, recreating the whole process can be a bit tricky and help all aspiring Wright brothers. Minecraft, the player has also shared clear instructions on how they were able to pull off the aerial stunt. Both players must be on the surface of the water; then the elytra-equipped one accelerates using rockets and looks up to -35 degrees to launch into the air while holding a leash with a pig and a passenger riding it. According to the author, additional passengers can probably be carried that way by adding more leashed pigs and saddles to the equation.

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Not only can MinecraftThe strange features and physics serve a practical purpose, they are also useful when creating art in the game. A talented gamer has recently shown how much artistic power a single bucket of water possesses. The player emptied it on top of a mountain, and the water began to flow down the hill following pre-made crevice and crevice paths. It eventually turned into a beautiful image, which can be seen from above.

The amazing inventiveness of Minecraft Players can sometimes be shocking and discoveries like shared elite flights quickly go viral. Although the cheat itself has been known to some players for quite some time, IanXO4’s public demo and clear instructions allow many others to easily play it. Players should now be aware of the many piggy trains flying through the skies on the basic game servers. These caravans could also become airborne freight trains by replacing pigs with llamas, effectively solving the problem of freight transport in Minecraft.

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Minecraft it is available on all platforms.

Source: IanXO4

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