The Justice League Snyder Cut helped set up the death of Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, in the director’s Justice League 2 and beyond.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League helped foreshadow the death of Ben Affleck’s Batman who would be teased in Justice league 2 before passing in Justice league 3. The Snyder Cut got its due as the four-hour movie premiered on HBO Max after fans had to wait years to see what the director had intentionally planned to do. However, that was just the opening of the Snyder trilogy, as it had stories lined up for Justice league 2 and Justice league 3. Had the League of Justice The sequels have been given the green light, the future of Knightmare would have fully run in the sequels since the setting in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. A large part of that story would have been the heroic and tragic death of Batman.

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While Warner Bros. does not plan to continue with the Snyderverse, the fate of the Dark Knight in the sequels has been revealed through Snyder’s concept ideas that have been made public. However, the Snyder Cut helped initiate Bruce’s fate through the conversation Bruce has with Jared Leto’s Joker in Knightmare’s final scene. While the two rivals have an intense conversation, Joker says something that hints that Batman’s death is a key component in undoing this dark future. Joker says: “I often wonder, how many alternate timelines do you destroy the world because, frankly, you don’t have the balls to die yourself?” foreshadowing that because Bruce was unwilling to die, that is why they are stuck with this reality.

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Justice league 2 it would have ended with Darkseid killing Lois Lane and causing Superman to succumb to the Anti-Life Equation that triggers the Knightmare saga. The final scene of the unproduced sequel would have taken place five years in the future, where the remaining heroes of Batman and Earth would still be standing. In Justice league 3, Flash would have successfully gone back in time to tell Batman a key phrase that would change everything. Bruce, who in that timeline was suspicious of Lois’s lies about her pregnancy, would learn from Barry that he was right: Bruce was in fact the father. When Lois shows up after the Flash goes missing, Bruce does what he didn’t originally do and hears what she has to say about her information about Lex Luthor’s plans.

Joker Batman snyder cut knightmare epilogue

This goes back to the moment with Joker in the Snyder Cut because Batman ends up saving Lois from being killed by Darkseid when he takes the hit from the Omega Beam. Because Bruce chooses to listen to Lois rather than fire her after she lied about her baby’s biological father in Justice league 2, which changes the result into Justice league 3. By preventing Lois’ death, Batman’s sacrifice would lead the team and the entire DC Universe to face Darkseid once and for all where they win. In the final showdown, Batman, who was already dying due to being hit by Darkseid’s Omega Beam, would sacrifice himself to end Lord Apokolips for good.

This is why Joker’s statement to Bruce in Snyder Cut is more important than some may realize, as it would be critical to Justice league 2 and Justice league 3. While it would certainly have been exciting to see Batman die on the big screen, it would have been something new to the character’s media history. Also, Bruce takes the hit to save Lois and preventing Superman from being corrupted by Darkseid is a great way for the Caped Crusader to continue. Time Justice league 2 and Justice league 3 are, for now, not happening, the moment with Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League began what would have been a heroic ending for Ben Affleck’s Batman.

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