Super Mario has had its fair share of challenging levels. Here are the green stars that make players regret the day they first took over the controller.

The Super Mario The series has had its fair share of challenging levels throughout its 36-year history. From seemingly impossible platforms to that last star hovering just out of reach, the franchise is no stranger to irritation and anger. An entry that fits perfectly into the totem of frustration is 2013 Super Mario 3D World. While on the surface the game is fairly simplistic and straightforward, there are certain areas that excel at making fans’ blood boil and palms shut.

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Like the other linear-based games in the series, 3D world ‘s The levels consist of platforms across the stage to reach the flagpole at the end. Scattered throughout each course, there are three green stars and a stamp to collect. While this task is fairly simple, there are several examples of collectibles that make players regret the day they took a controller.

10 Falls-Star 2 switchboard

Switchboard Falls-Star 2 in Super Mario 3D

The stars have been a staple of the Super Mario series for decades. While they are a beloved addition, they always spell irritation to many. Some of the most annoying types of collectibles in the franchise, or in any video game, are not necessarily the hard-to-get kind, but the kind that seems almost impossible to find. This star is hidden almost in plain sight, but enough to drive fans trying to locate it crazy. After falling behind the waterfall in the middle of the level, there is a switchboard in which the character lands directly. Instead of moving to the right as instinct suggests, move to the left and instantly crouch down to fit under a small opening where the star waits.

9 Chain Link Load – Star 3

Chainlink Charge-Star 3 in Super Mario 3D

Timing is everything at this level. Crammed with falling platforms and mesh gates that constantly move to climb, players have to make every jump count or risk plummeting off the field. As long as there is patience, this is not difficult … down to the last star. Wearing the handy catsuit, climb onto a platform just after finding the clear pipes and hit the switch. This will raise a platform just above a set of falling platforms and lock behind some chain links. Up to this point, players had to be meticulous in their timing, but if the character moves too slowly, the platform will drop and the switch must be pressed again. Don’t be surprised if this takes several tries.

8 Tricky Trapeze Theater-Star 3

Tricky Trapeze Theater-Star 3 in Super Mario 3D

This last star at this stage requires precise timing and a lot of trial and error. On a balance-based tilting deck, lift the left side of the deck while trying to avoid being hit by a rolling spiked log. After a tricky jump to get the green ring, there is a limited time to collect eight green coins for the star to appear. The challenge is to swing on the trapezoids and jump at the exact moment to move on to the next while collecting the coins. If a coin is lost, you will need to restart the level for the green ring to reappear.

7 Ty-Foo Furries- Star 2

Ty Foo Furries-Star 2 in Super Mario 3D

Around the middle of the level, there is a warp block that will take players to a bonus stage. This tour consists of skating on an icy track full of obstacles and goombas. Skating is quite difficult to control, and one wrong move could cause the character to lose momentum or fly off the edge.

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There is only one chance in this minigame after failing once the box is gone until you re-enter the level. If the stage is conquered, there is a star waiting in the center of a large platform. Just don’t miss it and go to the limit.

6 Grumblump Inferno-Star 3

Grumblump Inferno-Star 3 in Super Mario 3D

Most of this stage is spent balancing on a moving block on lava. The objective is to run and jump against the block to stay on solid ground. The final star is in the air and you are left with no choice but to race against the longest side of the block while standing on end. There is enough time to jump up and grab the star at the last second before having to maneuver to make sure the character lands on the block while lying down. As with many stars, timing is key and a jump out of place could spell doom.

5 Deepwater Dungeon-Star 2

Deepwater Dungeon-Star 2 in Super Mario 3D

Many miss this star on their first tour and it takes smart thinking to find it. After the section with Plessie, use the catsuit to run down the side of the wall on the left. After reaching the edge, climb back up until there is a set of descending platforms with a green star floating above them. While not difficult to obtain, the star is far out of the way and there isn’t even a clue to find it.

4 Savanna-Star Expansion 2

Savanna-Star 2 expansion in Super Mario 3D World

In the area with a large group of bunnies, the star seems quite easy to get. One of them is glowing green. However, once the players are chasing them, the rabbit will guide them throughout the area until they are lucky enough to dive into it. Most of the dives made will come up short and push you even further away. Even if there is an attempt to cut it, it will quickly change course. Only after taking a perfectly timed dive can this pesky star be reclaimed.

3 The Lost City of Spike-Star 2

Spike's Lost City-Star 2 in Super Mario 3D World

This is probably the best hidden star in the game. The way to get it is completely random and out of the way. After climbing a slope with a spike on top, use the catsuit to climb a wall to the left.

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Climb all the way up and run alongside a long platform where the star waits at the end. This is another star that takes some luck or clever thinking to find and is rarely found in the first game.

two Red Hot Run-Star 3

Red Hot Run-Star 3 in Super Mario 3D World

This course is a huge platform on lava filled with speed boosts and falling platforms waiting to send the character plunging into the hell below. The final star is on a lone platform with increased speed and a fan of spiked logs on both sides. Immediately after landing, the speed boost will attempt to send the player towards the peaks. With some trial and error, this star can finally be obtained, the character will simply exit the level with several less lives of those who entered.

one Mount Must Dash-Star 3

Mount Must Dash-Star 3 in Super Mario 3D World

Is brilliantly Super mario kart-The theme track is one of the easiest. The collectibles are fairly easy to find and easy to obtain, except for the last one. On a high platform, right next to the final warp block, is the star. Unless you are known to bring a catsuit in advance, the star is well out of reach. Once the suit is obtained, it is easy to climb and grab it, but unless there is one waiting, the star will have to wait for the next level of play.

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