As adorable as Lorelai and Rory Gilmore were in Gilmore Girls, there were many moments throughout seven seasons when his behavior was unbearable. The mother-daughter duo were hardworking and determined, but they can’t deny how many times they got out of trouble thanks to deep pockets.

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With Lorelai coming from a privileged family, help was always there if she needed it. However, due to her dramatic relationship with her parents, she went elsewhere when she needed financial help. And surprisingly, Rory did the same. No matter how difficult life got, Gilmore women were always saved by someone with money.

10 Rory’s education

Lorelai and Rory talking

One of the first money jets fans see on Gilmore Girls is in the first episode when Lorelai needed money for Rory’s private school education. At this point, Richard and Emily didn’t know much about their granddaughter, so they offered to pay for high school, provided they had dinner together every Friday night.

Later in the series, Rory needs help paying for Yale when her mother is denied financial aid. So what does she do? He goes to his grandparents. Richard and Emily were happy to pay for Yale and they weren’t even interested in Rory paying them back.

9 Rory Trust Fund

Trix and Richard meeting Rory - Gilmore Girls

When Richard’s mother, Trix, came to town, viewers discovered that she, too, had millions. When she met Rory and heard more about her education, she admitted that she had a trust fund set aside for her. The women in the family had a disagreement over when Rory would receive her trust fund, but Trix ultimately decided that she would have access to it at age 25.

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In A year in the life, Rory was supposed to be living off his trust fund. He was in his 30s and suffered a job hurdle, which meant he had nowhere to live or a “real” job. Living off his trust fund gave him more freedom and fewer worries.

8 Christopher came with millions

gilmore girls sitting with christopher

Christopher had a big fight with Lorelai and Rory when he chose Sherry over them and ruined Lorelai and Luke’s relationship in Richard and Emily’s vow renewal. He tried to regain his bond with the Gilmore girls, but they wouldn’t budge.

As usual, as soon as Rory gets into an argument with his grandparents and wants to get out of his financial arrangement with them, Christopher takes a nosedive with a bomb – he was now a billionaire. He entered the family money and was finally able to contribute financially to the lives of Rory and Lorelai. Once again, Rory was saved.

7 Rory got free rent in college

Logan and rory fight over the privilege of the gilmore girls

Even though Rory came from family money and they always gave her everything she wanted, she somehow thought that she and Logan were different. She considered Logan and his friends snobs because of their wealthy families, which Logan took offense to. It made him realize that she was just as privileged as he was.

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A great example of this was when he reminded her that she lived for free at the university. While living with Logan, he lived in one of the best apartments in town and didn’t have to pay a penny. When Logan said, “Well, you’re not exactly paying the rent,” Rory was horrified and left. But he was not wrong.

6 Richard and Emily bought Rory’s car

Rory and Lorelai walk to their car in Gilmore Girls

When Rory graduated from high school, Richard and Emily made sure she received one of the best graduation gifts a future college student could wish for: a car.

With Yale so close to Hartford and Stars Hollow, having a car meant Rory could go home and see everyone whenever he wanted. It’s almost funny that Rory complained about seeing his grandparents driving the car they gave him.

5 Luke arrived with 30K

Lorelai cries on Luke's shoulder after asking him for money on Gilmore Girls

Things with Dragonfly Inn started out really well at first. Everything was going well until Lorelai realized that they were running out of money and unable to pay for construction. Thanks to his pride, he did not want to go to his parents for a loan, so he turned to his richest friend, Luke.

As Lorelai asked for more than $ 30,000, she backed off because she was embarrassed. But at the end of the day, Luke still gave him the money he needed and called himself an investor in a local business. If Luke wasn’t the perfect man then who was?

4 Emily made sure Lorelai’s house had no termites

Gilmore Girls, Lorelai Discovers Termite Damage

Emily was upset when she found out that Lorelai had a termite problem in her home. Coming from a prestigious last name, she didn’t want it to spread that the Gilmore girls had bugs infesting her home.

She begged Lorelai to pay for the damage, but Lorelai refused. Finally, Emily makes a deal and puts her with a friend at a local bank. Lorelai could plead her case and hopefully get a loan from the bank. As always, there was a catch. The bank would only give Lorelai a loan if Emily jointly signed it. And as much as it “bothered” him, he followed. Once again, Emily and Richard came to the rescue.

3 Eat free at Lukes weekly

Lukes Diner Crowded - Gilmore Girls

It’s not often that fans see Lorelai and Rory pay for their coffee or food at Luke’s. When did Lorelai take out her wallet and throw a few dollars on the counter? It hardly happened.

Luke joked about never being tipped, but when we really thought about it, these girls got free meals and coffee whenever they wanted at their favorite restaurant.

two Lorelai’s trust was worth 70K

Lorelai receives 70k from her father on gilmore girls

In addition to Lorelai’s trust fund from Trix (and probably her parents), her father also gave her more than $ 70,000 from an investment he had in his name. Lorelai didn’t feel good about taking the check, at first, but Richard told her that he was legally obligated to give it to her because he had it in his name since he was born.

As a single mother, here was Lorelai, once again, receiving thousands of dollars for an investment she had no idea about. Talk about luck.

one Rory was able to take a year off and live for free

Rory watching TV at the pool house in Gilmore Girls

Not only was Rory privileged to attend Yale, but he was also fortunate to take a year off by choice. He came to live in his grandparents’ house, where he essentially had his own miniature house in the backyard, a swimming pool, and they gave him a job without ever having an interview.

Most college students who take a semester or two off college can’t afford to stay and swim. They are also not always lucky enough to get a job where they will make amazing connections. But in Rory’s world, being saved was normal.

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