Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans are calling out Khloe Kardashian after she allegedly made her publicist “do her dirty work” for a “doctored” photo.

Certain keeping up with the Kardashians Fans called out Khloe Kardashian for allegedly getting her publicist to approach an Instagram user for a “manipulated” photo of her removed. Not only was the photo forcibly removed, but the original poster allegedly cannot speak to the situation.

Khloe has been hinting that she keeps her eyes on social media when it comes to gauging public interest in her life. Just last week, a Reddit user gave a commendable review about Good American just a week after they criticized the brand and said it was doomed. According to that Reddit user, someone from Good American’s customer relations team reached out to them after reading the scathing review and offered them a free pair of jeans. Once the fan received a free product, they went to applaud the Kardashians for being amazing business women. The move left fans convinced that the famous family spies that fans say about them online.

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Now, it seems that Khloe Kardashian’s dislike among some KUWTK the fans are back as another Reddit the user shared two screenshots claiming that “Khloe’s team somehow forced a private instagram @ problematic.spams to delete MJ’s photo.“The thread went on to add that”the account owner can’t even talk about it. “ The two alleged screenshots showed a DM from Khloe’s publicist, Tracy Romulus, who appears to have been posted to the Problematic Spams IG page. “Hey babe, could you delete that last post about Khloe? The image was stolen and tampered with and originated from a fake IG account,“Tracy said in the message. In a post the DM shared on his page, Problematic Spams stated that”a fan account reposted it from Khloe’s grandmother … I’ll delete it, but this is just a lie. “

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Fans kept calling Khloe for “Let her friends do her dirty work.“After sharing the screenshots on Reddit, many users criticized Khloe and her famous family for this seemingly hypocritical move.”Why are they so concerned about the photo being ‘manipulated’ when they retouch themselves on completely different people on a daily basis? “ joked one user. Others scoffed at Tracy’s tone in the message. “‘Hello babe’ is the way I intend to start all my business communication from now on”, one person joked. “If Tracy Romulus is a successful publicist and does it, he should learn from her.”

Fans continued to express their surprise at Khloe’s appearance upset by a retouched photo considering how often the family is accused of tampering with their own photos. The keeping up with the Kardashians Family members have long been criticized for manipulating their photos to extreme measures, so it would be strange if they suddenly became preoccupied with things of that nature.

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Source: Reddit

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