Every month Sony adds and removes games from its streaming service, PlayStation Now. This is what subscribers receive in April.

After a March that was dominated by news about Microsoft’s plans for Bethesda and Xbox Game Pass, Sony is kicking off April strong with an impressive lineup of additions to PlayStation Now. While Sony’s service is widely viewed as inferior to Game Pass, the high-profile nature of these games could indicate that things are slowly but surely changing, and that PS Now could one day become a true competitor to the popular gaming service. Microsoft.

Starting April 6, PlayStation Now subscribers will be able to access three more games. But while that number itself is small, these titles make up for that reach. Additionally, starting on April 7, there will also be a seven-day free trial available to new PS Now subscribers, allowing those who have not yet joined to play these newly added games alongside many others already in. at service.

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Marvel Avengers

Time Marvel Avengers is a cross-platform game, it has generally been associated more strongly with PlayStation thanks to its initial PS4 pre-order beta and the upcoming DLC ​​Spider-Man character is exclusive to PS4 and PS5 players. Now, the game’s ties to Sony platforms are getting stronger with its addition to PS Now.

The third-person action RPG is off to a rocky start, and Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix are working to reverse it with performance improvements and new content. Although important aspects of the game have been criticized, particularly its lack of progress and meaningful late-game content, many have rated the game itself as solid and enjoyed the main story starring Kamala Khan. For those Marvel fans who have been late so far Avengers, this is the perfect opportunity to experience it in a practical way.

Marvel Avengers will be available on PlayStation Now until July 5.

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Borderlands 3

The Borderlands The series created the now popular looters and shooter genre, and its most recent release, 2019. Borderlands 3is coming to PS Now this month. The first person shooter and action RPG features many worlds to explore and enemies to take out, either in single player or multiplayer. Established years after the events of border territories 2, the game allows players to choose from four different Vault Hunters and take on the Calypso twins and their cult so they don’t take over the galaxy.

Of course, the game is all about getting new loot, allowing players to upgrade their Vault Hunter. It also features deep skill trees, abilities, and customizations that allow each player to create the build that works best for them.

Borderlands 3 will be available on PlayStation Now until September 29.

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The long dark

While it doesn’t have the name recognition like other PS Now titles this month, The long dark is a challenging indie survival game worth playing. A first-person game set in an open world, players must face the frozen desert alone after surviving a plane crash. Unlike many survival games that feature supernatural elements like zombies, The long dark focuses on real world dangers such as lack of food, prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures, and wild animals.

The game features various modes with different levels of difficulty. For those who want a story, there is the episodic Wintermute mode, which currently presents three episodes of the five planned. There’s also survival mode, which is a simple sandbox with permanent death and little direction, meaning players will have to think through each choice. Survival mode also features various levels of difficulty, plus a custom mode that allows players to decide exactly what kind of game they want to play.

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