Quantum Error traps a firefighter in a mysterious facility filled with horrors at every turn. Fight to survive in this cosmic horror game.

Announced over a year ago and recently featured during the Future Games Show, Quantum error is an upcoming cosmic horror shooter game that places players inside a dangerous facility on Jupiter. Surrounded by all manner of otherworldly enemies, players must fight to survive while being attacked from all directions.

Quantum error appears to be an effective mix of sci-fi and horror that features an all-out protagonist barely holding on in an alien world riddled with terror around every corner. Developer TeamKill Media appears to be creating an interesting new sci-fi / horror game that bears several similarities to the classic. Dead space Serie.

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TeamKill has kept the details of the story about Quantum error Pretty vague so far, but the premise blends science fiction with grounded setting to produce an engaging fish-out-of-water horror narrative. Very similar Dead space, which focused on everyone’s leading engineer, Isaac Clarke, Quantum error Players control Jacob Thomas, a California firefighter. Quantum error It begins with Jacob responding to an emergency distress signal coming from a mysterious research facility located on an island off the coast.

After a series of increasingly unfortunate events unfold, Jacob finds himself in another mysterious facility located on the planet Jupiter. TeamKill mentioned that this horror-themed story will explore humanity’s “fear of the unknown.” From the trailers, this indicates that Jacob will have to face all kinds of horrible monsters that plague the facility and find a way for him to not only survive, but somehow return to Earth.

Visually, Quantum error it’s a wonderful experience, with the facility’s clean and utilitarian interior displaying atmospheric lighting and a great deal of realistic gore. The mechanical aesthetic gives way to the arid planetary landscapes of the outer zones, equally desolate and inhospitable. Quantum errorThe enemy design is also effective, with a variety of hideous cosmic monsters to attack the player. Demon-like humanoid creatures with blades instead of arms give way to giant arachnid-like insects and giant figures sporting eerie exoskeletons. This combination of atmosphere and monster design is reminiscent of other great sci-fi / horror games, like the one from 2006. Dam and the original Dead spacemassive ship environments.

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To fight the enemies that now populate the facility, Jacob must arm himself with an arsenal of conventional and science fiction weapons. Jacob can wield ballistic pistols and shotguns, many of which have a world HUD indicating the amount of ammo remaining, giving them a near-future aesthetic. Players will also be able to wield more imaginative weapons. The trailers have shown a CONDEMNIon-style rifle and an ultra-powerful railgun that reduces enemies to loads of blood while destroying them.

Along with the most fantastic weaponry, Jacob’s firefighting team also made the trip to Jupiter with him. He can use his fire ax to brutally take down monsters, each swing landing with a satisfying cleft in the flesh. Jacob also has access to the “Jaws of Life” hydraulic tool, which turns out to be useful in conjunction with the ax, smashing enemies from left to right with its powerful scissor blades. Players using Jacob’s firefighter skills and tools is an interesting aspect of Quantum errorthe gameplay, and is similar to Dead spaceFuturistic tool weaponry and protagonist Isaac Clarke using his engineering skills to help him survive.

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Although it is advertised as a first person shooter game, Quantum error actually, it can be played in first or third person, another interesting concept that most shooters don’t offer these days. While much of the gameplay footage released so far shows Jacob stalking the facility’s dimly lit corridors, methodically engaging the monsters in the first person, some footage shows the combat in the third person. Jacob can acquire a spacesuit that looks like a mix of something out of the ordinary. CONDEMN and Massive effect, allowing you to strafe and dodge enemies with a fast running skill.

By last, Quantum error seems to be a promising sci-fi / horror game that shares quite a few similarities with the classic Dead space Serie. TeamKill’s gameplay combines an intriguing premise with lots of action that seeks to create a beautiful experience that is equally tense and exciting. Action horror game fans will have to see what Quantum error has in store when it launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S later this year.

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