The Justice League is made up of some of the greatest heroes in the DC Universe. These mighty heroes make the team one of the most formidable in comics, with some truly epic battles against the forces of evil over the years under their belt. It takes a lot to challenge the Justice League and that’s why the team faces off against some of the most dangerous villains in the Multiverse, who can shake the sky with their power or who are among the most skilled villains on Earth. .

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However, for whatever reason, there are some villains who simply never lived up to their potential, villains who got off to a great start but quickly fell through the ranks.

10 Anti-Monitor was hit by a case of diminishing returns

If the Anti-Monitor had run out of Crisis on Infinite Earths, would be remembered as the deadliest villain of all time. But sadly, Geoff Johns had to keep bringing it back. For years, Anti-Monitor was known as the most powerful villain the DC Multiverse had ever faced, but his secondary position in stories like The Sinestro Corps War It took away some of its shine.

His return in Darkseid War it was fine, but this was a villain who at one point could hit the heroes of five Earths. Each subsequent comeback and defeat brought him down until his return at Scott Snyder’s. League of Justice run basically broke the character.

9 Superboy-Prime never lived up to his potential as Superman’s true evil counterpart.

Superboy Prime The Darkest Knight

Superboy-Prime is another of Geoff Johns favorites who never became the threat he should have been. An arrogant teenager with the powers of preCrisis Superman, Superboy-Prime was easily one of the most powerful villains the Justice League ever faced, but he never really succeeded.

Instead of growing and changing, he stayed the same and never became the evil anti-Superman that he could have been. A completely amoral Kryptonian with the power to take on the Justice League is a great villain on paper, but Superboy-Prime remained a bratty and whiny wannabe and that’s a shame.

8 White Martians could have been a threat that shook the universe

The Martians in the DC Universe are incredibly powerful and the White Martians are the most dangerous. The soldiers of Mars had all the powers of the Green Martians, but were trained from birth to use them in terrifying ways to destroy the planet’s enemies. Their most important moment came when they posed as the Hyperclan and nearly destroyed the Justice League.

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The League jailed them after that and they rarely reappeared. Miss Martian was a hero and the Hyperclan have recently returned, but there is a whole army of them and they have never been as big a factor as they should have been.

7 The Sinestro Corps nearly defeated Earth’s heroes and then never attacked again

Sinestro Corps DC Comics

The Sinestro Corps is an interesting group of villains. In their initial story, they beat up the Green Lantern Corps and were able to attack Earth, where they beat up Earth’s heroes, with members such as Superboy-Prime and Cyborg Superman putting it to the heroes of the Justice and Justice League. Society. Although they were apparently villains of Green Lantern, the powerful members of the group were pushed as a massive threat from the start.

However, after their initial defeat, they practically faded away. To a group of thousands led by people like Sinestro and Mongul, who hate humanity, they might have been shrinking the League, but instead they became something that was not a factor.

6 The Legion of Doom rarely makes good on its threats

The Legion of Doom is basically the evil Justice League. Made up of the League’s biggest foes, they should be one of the most serious threats the team faces – the keyword is “should.” While they recently got to know each other well against the League in Scott Snyder’s career, they also had the power of Perpetua behind them; by themselves, their record is pretty bad.

You’d think a set of the most powerful villains in the DC Universe would be more dangerous, but they aren’t. They usually get together, make a big fuss, and then get beaten up by the League because they made a careless mistake.

5 The Dark Knights are a classic case of wasted potential


The Dark Knights were one of the coolest parts of Dark Knights: Metal. Evil Batmen who had defeated their Justice Leagues by usurping the powers of one of the team members, these refugees from the Dark Multiverse seemed to be a big deal and at least one of them, the Batman Who Laughs, was. Yet he was the only one.

The rest of them got excellent one-shots showing their origins and held their own against the League for a while, but were quickly eliminated in the end. They didn’t even come back in Death metal, leading one to believe that they should never have been anything other than cool pictures.

4 Despero got a major power upgrade and then just disappeared

Despero first appeared in the Silver Age and was a cunning alien telepath who tormented the League a few times. He would get a huge power upgrade in the ’80s, gaining physical power to match his mental ability and clashing with the League a couple of times, but eventually, he just disappeared. His big comeback was an appearance in JLA / JSA: Virtue and vice, but nothing really came out of it.

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It has been seen multiple times since then, but usually in the context of villain gatherings. Despero has shown that he could take on the League on his own, but for whatever reason, he’s been MIA for years.

3 Vandal Savage has millennia of experience and resources that he apparently never bothers to use.

Vandal Savage is one of the oldest people on Earth. He has spent millennia gathering everything he needs to conquer the world, and yet he hardly ever does anything of importance. You’d think that someone who has survived a hundred thousand years and has super intelligence could find a way to beat the League, but they haven’t yet.

Savage is always overshadowed by that other DC immortal Ra’s al Ghul, which is weird because Savage is older, smarter, and stronger. Savage should be coming up with plans that constantly put the League to the test, but instead he is content to be second fiddle to villains like Lex Luthor and others.

two Prometheus was supposed to be an evil Batman

Prometheus Arnie Jorgensen

In his first appearance, Prometheus paralyzed the League, using expert plans against them like a certain Dark Knight. However, he was hit by Catwoman and a whip on his private parts, which was the beginning of his downfall. From there, Prometheus fell more and more and more, and although he devised a plan that almost destroyed Star City, it was in the widely criticized Cry for justice so it didn’t do much for him as a character.

Prometheus was touted as an evil Batman, but even the character’s creator himself, Grant Morrison, immediately disrespected him, so it’s no wonder that every other creator after them removed the character.

one Starro looks silly but he’s a massive threat

Starro is a giant alien starfish who controls minds and one is either disappointed or not. Unfortunately, in modern times, many fans disagree, which is a shame because Starro is great. Starro can be an extinction level event if handled correctly, but it is rare for the villain to be used correctly.

With its supposed inclusion in Suicide squadStarro may have another turn to be a big deal, but for years, Starro has gotten a bad rap. Starro was the threat that brought the Justice League together and with the power he has, he could be the one to tear them apart.

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