Mark Ruffalo celebrates Paul Rudd’s birthday by sharing a new Avengers: Endgame BTS image with Ant-Man wearing the Stark Infinity Gauntlet.

Paul Rudd wields the Stark Infinity Gauntlet in a new Avengers Endgame image behind the scenes. After Ant-Man sat outside the Avengers: Infinity War As Hawkeye, as he was also under house arrest, Scott Lang met with the most powerful heroes on Earth remaining five years after Thanos’ snap. While he was late joining the efforts to defeat the Mad Titan, it was he who came up with the time heist idea, which eventually worked, albeit with a couple of hiccups.

The third anniversary of the blockbuster hitting theaters is slowly approaching, and as Marvel Studios progresses with Phase 4 through the Disney + series. WandaVision and the continuous The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Endgame continues to be a narrative driver for the franchise. The world continues to grapple with the sudden return of half of humanity that resulted in macro and micro problems around the world. Loki, on the other hand, will address the ramifications of Avengers time travel. So while the Infinity Saga is finished, Endgame still worth a visit from time to time for fans.

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For those who worked on the film, though, it’s a great experience to look back on, and while a barrage of footage from the set has been released over the years, there are still a few new ones popping up from time to time. The latter comes from Mark Ruffalo who celebrated Rudd’s birthday by sharing a Endgame photo of the actor in his full Ant-Man costume, exclude the helmet, sporting the Stark Infinity Gauntlet accessory. Check out the photo below:

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Based on the background of the image, this was taken while filming the post-time heist mission, just as the heroes were deciding who would wield the Stark Infinity Gauntlet and regain half of life in the universe. Thor volunteered, but given his state of mind at the time, not everyone thought it was a good idea despite the fact that he could probably survive with minimal damage to himself. In the end, it was Smart Hulk who did it and given how Ruffalo looked while shooting the movie in his visual effects suit, it’s funny if he really was the one who took this picture of Rudd.

Recently another Avengers Endgame Actor Robert Downey, Jr. also celebrated his birthday. Ruffalo greeted the Iron Man star, too, on her Instagram page, but considering how much longer they’ve worked together on the MCU, she used a picture from their filming days. the Avengers in 2012. Fortunately, there is still a chance that Rudd and Ruffalo will return to work on the franchise in the future, as they both survived the events of Infinity Saga.

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Source: Mark Ruffalo

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