Mark Hamill confirms the rumor that George Lucas wanted a classic Daffy Duck cartoon to be played before every Star Wars screening in 1977.

George Lucas wanted a classic Daffy Duck cartoon to be played before each screening of the original. Star Wars in 1977, according to Mark Hamill on Twitter. Hamill is known for playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars episodes 4 through 9 and recently reprized his role as the Jedi for a cameo in the season 2 finale of The mandalorian, although its digital aging was a point of contention. Hamill is also a prolific voice actor known for portraying the Joker in numerous DC animated series and games.

In recent years, Hamill has also become known for his social media presence and specifically for interacting with fans on Twitter. Recent highlights on Hamill’s Twitter include him sharing a photo of the cast celebrating Alec Guinness’ 62 birthday on the set of the original. Star Wars, which was retroactively titled, A new hope in 1981. Hamill also recently addressed another photo taken on the set of the same movie in which he shows himself pointing Anakin’s lightsaber directly at his face, which has become a popular meme. Hamill says the meme makes him “shake” every time he sees it because he didn’t actually do it in the movie.

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Now, Hamill is sharing more behind the scenes Star Wars trivia on Twitter. In response to a MeTV tweet Toon In With Me, Hamill confirmed the rumor that George Lucas wanted a cartoon of Daffy Duck to be played before each screening of Star Wars in 1977 “.It would have been an icebreaker for the audience to know that what was coming was not so serious.Hamill said. He went on to explain that they couldn’t get the rights to the cartoon, so the director’s wishes were never fulfilled. See Hamill’s tweet below:

Since Star Wars was distributed by 20th Century FOX and the Looney tunes They are owned by Warner Bros., getting the rights to show the short before the show would have been too difficult. The specific cartoon in question is Duck Dodgers in the XXIV century and a half. This classic Looney tunes short is a parody of space adventures, so Lucas’s desire to show it sooner Star Wars makes a lot of sense, perhaps to set a tone.

Lucas’s love of Chuck Jones cartoons was actually what originally inspired him to turn to film. Although many Star Wars fans take intellectual property very seriously, it seems Lucas’s original intention was to set a more lighthearted tone for the series based on his desire to include this specific cartoon and that of Hamill. “less than dead seriously“comment. While Lucas’s request never came to fruition, Hamill has now confirmed that the Star Wars the rumor is true.

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Source: Mark Hamill

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