Gilmore Girls it premiered in 2000 and concluded in 2007 after seven seasons. Fans who grew up on the series love to watch it again because it’s like a time capsule on what everyday life was like without the distraction of cell phones, social media, or viral trends.

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If things were different and Gilmore Girls premiered with Rory being a Chilton student in 2021, the entire course of the show would have changed. Things have changed enormously for students in the last 20 years, which means that Rory’s future would have been seriously altered. And while the reboot shows what life was like for Rory when she was 30-something, it would have been a different game for her as a teenager in high school.

10 Rory and Lorelai would not have been judged for their past and upbringing

Chilton's moms were mad at lorelai at gilmore girls

Along the Gilmore GirlsIt’s a continual shock that Lorelai had Rory so young. Newbies were constantly amazed at how beautiful and young Lorelai was. People acted like she was the only single mother they ever knew.

In 2021, single parents are as common as married couples. No one is fazed if a person says they live with a single parent, nor should they dictate a person’s future because of it. Lorelai would also be less questioned about “why” she was a single mother.

9 Would social media distract Rory from her studies?

Rory talking on a pay phone at the hockey game at Gilmore Girls

It is not known when Rory went from having a pager to a cell phone, but he learned to send text messages when Yale started. At this time, folding phones were the best model and social media (especially on a person’s phone) was not a popular thing to do.

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But if Rory started high school today, he would definitely have a smartphone with all the social media apps. It would be fascinating to know if Rory would have been so interested in her studies if she had a medium like Instagram or Snapchat.

8 She would have needed to do a lot more to get into Ivy League colleges

Gilmores Visit Yale - Gilmore Girls

In the series, Rory was able to get into Harvard and Yale after being the top student at a prestigious private school, doing one year of student government, volunteering a handful of times and working on the student’s work. But that might not be enough to enter the Ivy Leagues in 2021.

According to a 2017 article by Business Insider, it is becoming more and more difficult to be accepted in the best universities due to the number of qualified applicants. It has become more competitive and the acceptance rate has dropped. Hearing this, Rory might have requested more backup schools in the early 2000s.

7 More acceptance and less shame

Rory Bodyshames Others At Gilmore Girls

It’s amazing how many Gilmore Girls The jokes are considered inappropriate in 2021 compared to the early 2000s. For starters, the characters were very embarrassed (remember Rory’s horrible article about the ballerina at Yale?) And demean others because of their appearance.

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Aside from embarrassing other people’s appearances, one would expect there to be more diversity on the show in 2021. Times have changed and the world is more tolerant. It would have been nice to see that on screen in 2000.

6 Wait … would Rory need Chilton in 2021?

rory at chilton - gilmore girls

It has long been said that teenagers in America should attend private school if they want to go to an Ivy League institution. This is primarily why Rory was excited to attend Chilton because her chances of getting into Harvard or Yale would have increased. However, things are different these days. Ivy leagues not only accept students from prestigious schools and seek students from more diverse backgrounds.

If the show started with Rory at Stars Hollow in 2021, he may have stuck around and graduated with honors from there.

5 His relationship with Dean would have been more controversial

Dean breaks up with Rory - Gilmore Girls

When Gilmore Girls released for the first time, #TeamDean fans were strong and abundant. But as time passes and the series gains new fans in 2021, there is a change in the way people perceive Dean and his relationship with Rory.

In the early 2000s, Dean was seen as protective and jealous because he loved her. But these days, Dean’s behavior is almost controlling and abusive. He embarrasses Rory for focusing on her studies instead of him, abandons her for not loving him, and has a breakdown every time she talks to another man. If Rory had dated Dean in 2021, it’s safe to say that she would have left him after a week. That behavior is not acceptable and is more of a concern these days.

4 They wouldn’t have yelled at her for being a “loner”

Director charleston talking to rory about the gilmore girls

In the early seasons of Gilmore GirlsDirector Charleston made Rory feel less than calling her a loner. He saw her introverted personality as a problem because she did not socialize well with the other students. Rory and Lorelai protested this idea, of course. Rory was a great student and well-behaved young lady who wanted to focus on her studies.

In 2021, director Charleston would likely have ignored Rory’s shyness. There are far more important things to worry about in high school than an educated student who enjoys being alone.

3 He could have FaceTimeed his mom or grandparents

Rory using his pager at lorelai's bachelorette party at gilmore girls

As Rory grew up and was more enthralled with her school work, her mom, friends, and grandparents felt abandoned from time to time. They missed her.

Instead of jumping on the phone and talking for an hour, Rory could have FaceTimeed loved ones in 2021. Seeing Rory’s face would have made the interaction more personal. She would have assured her loved ones that she was safe, happy, and just plain busy.

two She still would have gone to prom without Jess

Lane and Rory in the first season - Gilmore Girls

When Jess found out that she wasn’t allowed to go to prom, Rory’s chance to go fell through as well. She couldn’t have left without him. However, something tells fans that she would still have gone in 2021. Lane would have found a way to go to prom (with a date approved by Ms. Kim) and that Rory could go with a friend from the date. of Lane. Rory and Lane would have danced the night away without needing a man to feel special.

one She would have planned a master’s degree all the time

Fans were shocked when Rory objected to going to graduate school or continuing his studies in any way after graduating from Yale. She was eager to work in the real world, sure, but she loved school. Why would he protest promoting his education when he believed in it so much?

Most likely, Rory would have been planning graduate school while in high school. Knowing how competitive getting into college is, he would have started writing his thesis early on to get ahead of other students. And seeing how much he struggled on the reboot, it was surprising that he didn’t come back to get his mastery.

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