Joker is a deplorable supervillain, but his love of chaos means that he has eliminated many other evildoers throughout his long history in the comics.

Despite his own terrible deeds, it is possible that jester He is also the most effective crime fighter in the DC Universe, albeit with extremely dark methods. This is because the Clown Prince of Crime’s extremely high death count is not limited to just Gotham’s innocents, as the Joker has also killed his fair share of criminals, taking out rivals, enemies, and even his own underlings just for the sake of it. “fun”. While the villains handled by Batman often leave Arkham Asylum to inevitably cause more mayhem (including the Joker himself), those villains who cross paths with Joker generally do not rise again after he deals with them, and during his decades in the comics, that body count has added up.

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Whether or not Joker can be viewed as a “crime fighter,” it’s hard to argue for the fact that Joker is one of DC Comics’ greatest killers, with one of the largest body counts of any other villain in the world. the DC Universe, especially excluding cosmic acts of genocide in which entire planets are out of the picture at once. In fact, Joker prefers to get up close and personal, having achieved a horrifyingly high death toll with bombs, pistols, Joker Gas, lethal gadgets, and many other types of weapons.

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However, given the circles in which he moves, a large proportion of Joker’s victims are criminals. In James Tynion IV and Jorge JimĂ©nez in progress bat Man Running, it was revealed that the Joker murdered the Designer, ending the mastermind’s plan to elevate Gotham’s top supervillains to new heights. Not only that, but the Joker has personally killed countless of his own goons and henchmen, as well as those of his fellow villains and rivals like Penguin, Talia al Ghul, Riddler, Professor Pyg, and many more, often killing out of boredom. . Joker is just as happy to take out the main villains as he is the minor ones, consuming the demon Beelzebub, brutally murdering Earth-3’s Alexander Luthor at the end of DC’s. Infinite Crisisand burying Doctor Hurt of the Black Glove alive after judging him as an unworthy adversary.

Joker kills designer Alexander Luthor

Joker has also killed many supervillains, including Shrike, Psimon, Iron Cross, fallen hero Oberon Sexton, and members of the Royal Flush gang, and even took a part from the powerful Falcone crime family. Though it ended in a stalemate, Tom King’s War of Jokes and Riddles bat Man run made it clear that Joker is even prepared to kill Gotham’s other villains if challenged. Of course, Joker is not a hero – his actions and methods would be viewed as dire, immoral, and downright deplorable even by the most brutal vigilantes like Marvel’s Punisher, and rightly so, but the fact remains that Joker It has He took countless criminals and supervillains off the board, and with a permanence that someone like Batman will never be able to achieve due to his no-kill rule.

In a very dark way, the sheer number of named and unnamed criminals who have met their end at the hands of the Joker in the DC Universe suggests his great effectiveness as a crime fighter. Of course, this is just a side effect of the levels of chaos, destruction, and death that Joker brings, rather than coming from a sense of justice. Joker has taken countless criminals off the board, from his own henchmen to interdimensional threats, but he does so simply on the whims of what he thinks is fun at the time. jester He’s not a hero, and he has undoubtedly brought more damage to the world than he has avoided, but by taking his own misdeeds out of the equation, he has done an eerily effective job of permanently ending the threat of countless DC criminal figures.

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