RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Utica asked Olivia Lux out. Now, with both queens removed, fans want to know if a season 13 romance is blooming.

Amid big challenges, runway looks, and drama, a secret crush was quietly forming behind the scenes at RuPaul’s Drag Race season 13. After Utica was forced to “Sasha away“Two weeks ago, she was all smiles when she revealed that she asked Olivia Lux on a post-show date. Now, immediately after Olivia’s removal, fans are dying to know if the two queens are.”official.“Olivia recently revealed whether or not the romantic evening has taken place and the status of her relationship with Utica. Will we have another Miss Vanessa Vanjie Mateo and Brook Lynn Heights affair on our hands?

Despite being inseparable towards the end of their Endurance race Queen, Olivia and Utica didn’t start out as best friends. There was some friction when several queens, including Olivia, called out Utica for portraying a falsely sweet person on camera. Many said that her true darker colors came out when she was not being filmed. At the same time, a similar criticism was made about Olivia. For weeks, Tina Burner was convinced that Olivia had an inner diva who was eager to get out. However, Olivia and Utica slowly but surely formed a solid bond, one that went deeper than many believed. Viewers were thrilled when Utica made her feelings for Olivia known, and they’ve been elaborating “Boat“names since.

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So what does Olivia think of Utica? In an interview with THAT, when asked if they are “thing, “he strategically danced around the question. He said”We, uh, so … it’s funny everyone’s bringing it up now! We were partners for the challenges from the beginning. We got really close from the beginning, and I think that moment where, on Snatch Game’s ‘Untucked’, there was a bit of friction between us to get to know each other really well. It was definitely a trip with her, and I will say that now we are very close, we talk often, she is great, she is a sweet bean. I am your sweet bean! We love being beans and goobers in the world!

When the interviewer hinted at her, Olivia elaborated with a laugh: “We did not go to the official date, but perhaps in the future, when the world opens again, there will be a moment for ‘Ulivia’ ”, Olitica.. ‘”It would be interesting to see what a relationship between them looks like. They both seem to be really good people at heart, but sometimes their personalities and sense of humor annoy others. While Utica was swept up on social media (and by Ru ) for her offensive jokes about weight during the comedy roast, Olivia’s smile and charm were described as fake by her fellow contestants.

There are also the drastically different styles of drag from the queens – Utica’s is original and quirky and Olivia’s is classy and retro. Regardless, they could be the perfect match for each other. If not, we are sure Kandy Muse will gladly accept a date with the apple of his eye Joey Jay.

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