The most recent time period explored in the stories of the Star Wars the galaxy is the age of The high republic, a time set 200 years before the Clone Wars when the Jedi were at the height of their power. This is a time period that has never been fully explored and offers numerous narrative possibilities.

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The original trilogy took place long after the Empire destroyed the Jedi, leaving their order and their many temples in ruins. The prequel films showed the Jedi Order before its fall, but even this expansive time is a shadow of the power the Jedi held during The high republic it was. As such, it makes sense that the many temples of the Jedi are explored in the stories of the High Republic, showing them in their prime, rather than as the ruins left behind.

10 Yavin IV contains one of the most iconic temples in the entire Star Wars franchise


The Battle of Yavin may be the most important event in the history of Star Wars. All events in Star Wars they are measured in terms of how many years after or before the Battle of Yavin took place. So while the destruction of the Second Death Star in Return of the Jedi takes place in 4 ABY, most of the stories in The high republic take place a little over 200 BBY.

The Temple of Yavin IV has a long history. In the Legends stories, Luke trained his New Jedi Order in the temple, while in the ancient past, the Sith Lord Naga Sadow had it built by enslaved members of an alien Sith species called Massassi. In canon, rogue archaeologist Doctor Chelli Aphra visited him, showing his connection to an ancient order of Force users. It would be amazing to see what the temple looked like in the High republic It was and if the Jedi had a presence on the moon.

9 The Temple of Jedha was destroyed just after fans learned of its existence in Rogue One.


Rogue one He wowed audiences with the beautiful images of the Jedi Temple and the ancient statues of Jedha. Then they all exploded, creating a sense of personal loss, as the public knows they would never see more of that temple again. Their secrets and their history were lost, just when the Jedi were gone.

The high republic offers the opportunity to see the Jedha temple in all its grandeur. It also allows other aspects of Jedha to develop further.

8 Ossus was home to the Great Jedi Library destroyed in the Great Sith War

One of the most important sites in the Old Republic during the Legends continuity. It was the site of the Great Jedi Library where the entire Jedi Order was based, until the planet was devastated during the Great Sith War. Millennia later, Luke Skywalker traveled to the planet, where he encountered Force-sensitive children, a Force-sensitive tree, and a cache of lightsabers, which would become the cornerstone of the New Jedi Order.

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The new continuity hasn’t explored the history of Ossus, but since there have been references to Sith lords like Exar Kun, this is an opportunity to see more of what happened on Ossus.

7 Ilum is a planet rich in kyber where young people acquired their lightsaber crystals

The Clone Wars The series showed fans a glimpse of Ilum, an icy planet to which the Jedi Younglings made pilgrimages in search of their lightsaber crystals. The planet also appeared in Jedi: Fallen Order and was later turned into Starkiller Base by the First Order.

Because it is such an important temple that it is so rich in kyber crystals, the planet is a perfect setting for the High Republic, which sees the planet – and the Jedi Order – at its peak.

6 The ruins of the temple of Vrogas Vas are a mystery in an empty world

The planet Vrogas Vas was introduced in the comic crossover Father down, where the Dark Lord of the Sith’s TIE Advanced was shot down on the planet. The rebels had a base in the rocky world, whose fuel emitted gaseous clouds, but other than that, it seemed lifeless.

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However, there were the ruins of an ancient Jedi Temple. Why would the Jedi build a temple in a lifeless world? Was it a gas station? Had the world always been lifeless? These questions can finally be answered.

5 Coruscant is the capital planet of the Republic where the Jedi were at the heart of the government.

Star wars coruscant

Coruscant is the Republic capital of the world and the Jedi Temple was the heart of the Order at the time of the Clone Wars. There must be a reason why this temple became more important than the others and why the other temples fell into disuse.

The first novel of The High republic is the writer Charles Soule Star Wars: Light of the Jedi, which emphasizes an idealistic patriotism of people who genuinely believe in the Republic as a successful government. Was the Jedi Temple on Coruscant influenced by the Republic for better or for worse? Was it the most virtuous Republic during the time in question, or was there corruption even then? How did the Jedi become entangled in Republic politics? There is a lot of potential to see how the Republic and the Jedi Order interact on this planet.

4 Dantooine housed one of the main Jedi enclaves of the Old Republic

Fans of the Knights of the Old Republic The video game will recall that the planet housed the Jedi Enclave where the protagonist was trained in the ways of the Force. More recently, the canon font Gadgets and Gears– part of Star Wars RPG– described the ruins of a temple that once belonged to the Jedi.

Whether the temple was ruined in the High Republic Era or at a much earlier time (such as the Old Republic era), having a scene on Dantooine would help fill in some of the missing story about the Jedi and their influence on the planet. .

3 Tempes Jedi outpost was able to survive the Jedi purge

Luke SKywalker and R2D2 enter the High Republic Jedi Outpost in Tempes

The old Jedi Outpost in Tempes is shrouded in mystery, but appears to have originated during the High Republic. It is very well preserved and houses numerous Jedi holocrons, lightsabers, and relics that survived the destruction of such objects during the Jedi Purge. Luke fought the spirit of the Grand Inquisitor there, a dark side user who was killed in the Jedi Temple on Lothal.

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Is there a connection between Tempes and the temples and the strange abilities of the Force in Lothal? What did the Jedi of the High Republic use it for? At this time, it is unknown if Tempes is a moon, planet, asteroid, or some other astral body altogether, so there is much to explore. Given that the outpost was built during the High Republic Era, this is an opportunity to see why and how the Jedi would build such a facility.

two Lothal Temple has a gateway to the world between worlds and many other secrets

One of the most important planets of all Star Wars is Lothal, a world seen predominantly in the Star Wars: Rebels Serie. It is the home of the young Jedi Ezra Bridger, but more than that, the planet’s Jedi Temple had mysterious qualities, including the ability to retreat underground.

The planet was a nexus of the Force and the temple there included a painting of the gods of Mortis that opened a portal to the realm known as the World Between Worlds. Overexposure to this place would make him lose his sense of mystery, but seeing a little more of him at the height of the Jedi Order would be something fans would really enjoy.

one Ahch-To was the site of the first Jedi temple

The first Jedi Temple was located on the planet Ahch-To. This is where Rey encountered Luke Skywalker and received training from him, having fled to the Porg-filled water world in a self-imposed exile.

Whatever Luke knew about the place, he took it to the grave, and while that won’t necessarily stop him from sharing that information, living Jedi visiting the planet could offer much more than their Force ghost. No other place has as much power and as many secrets of the Force as Ahch-To.

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