A recently leaked audio of Jen Shah shows racist comments that she allegedly made against her co-stars on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.

The drama surrounding The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Star Jen Shah remains on fire following her recent arrest for alleged wire fraud and alleged money laundering. Jen’s arrest came a month after leaked audio revealed that she was berating her Shah Squad staff. Now, the newly leaked audio reveals the racist claims Jen allegedly spewed out against her co-stars in RHOSLC.

After just one season of True Salt Lake City Housewives, Jen has become the main villain of the new franchise after she made feuds with the other housewives and was tagged “aggressive” by certain co-stars. She became known for her dramatic and spoiled reactions to the cast whenever things didn’t go her way. Despite opening up about her mental health on the show, many didn’t think of her as an excuse for her immature behavior. Unfortunately, at the meeting, he defended himself against claims that he was “aggressive.“As a woman of color, Jen found the term offensive.

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However, it seems that Jen Shah felt stronger about the situation than she shared in the RHOSLC special reunion. In a recently leaked alleged audio shared by RealityVonTease2 (included below), Jen appears to be stating that she is the only minority housewife on the show and that Mary Cosby “does not count” because she “Think it is white.” In the leaked audio, Jen also appears to accuse her former best friend Heather Gay of being a racist. “Heather, she can lie all she wants, but I’m ready to open it wide.” Jen can be heard exclaiming. Jen’s supposed voice then comments on how she’s been waiting to expose her since last summer: “The bitch is racist as shit. They all were.

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This latest leaked audio comes a month after Jen’s mistreatment of her employees and the fashion designer was reported. Designer Koa Johnson talked about his time working with Jen and how “Stressful” the whole experience was for him. In the first set of leaked audio files, Jen could be heard yelling at her entire team. “Get your shit, I don’t care … You have a fucking place to lay your fucking head because you’re at my house,“she screams. In another audio file, Jen was heard yelling at Johnson:”How many fucking hands do you need? I’m going to beat you up in two seconds. “

Rather than take responsibility for the audio, Jen Shah sent ceases and desist to the blog pages that had posted it. True Salt Lake City Housewives Fans have been criticizing her for her bad behavior on and off the show. Now, with her arrest on federal charges added to the mix, Jen has the limelight while season 2 remains in production.

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Source: RealityVonTease2

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