It felt like it came out of nowhere but Ted lasso It has quickly become one of the healthiest and most lovable programs you can find anywhere. The Apple TV + series was met with widespread praise, renewed for two more seasons, and earned star Jason Sudeikis a Golden Globe.

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The show is loved because of the connections that are made between the characters. Whether it’s adorable friends or romantic partners, audiences are hooked when these combinations are showcased. Some are entertaining even if they are not good for the people involved, so they still deserve a nod on this list.

10 Leslie and rebecca

Split image of Leslie and Rebecca in Ted Lasso

At the beginning of the series, Leslie Higgins appears as nothing more than Rebecca Welton’s lap dog. He does what she asks of him and there is not much else. However, their relationship is built when he rejects her decision to sabotage the team.

Rebecca lashes out and scolds him for keeping her ex-husband’s secrets in the past. It’s an emotional scene that really works to make them friends. When Leslie visits him to bring him back to work, they both seem to forgive each other and grow closer for it.

9 Jamie and Keeley

Split image of Jamie Tartt in practice and Keeley sitting on Ted Lasso

Jamie Tartt is the best player on the team from a talent perspective, but he’s incredibly selfish. Keeley Jones is a model who is in a relationship with him when the show begins. It’s clear from the start that Keeley will be a likable character, while Jamie is not.

In the end, their romance falls apart due to their big differences. Jamie is basically a male child and Keeley realizes that he wants more than that. Still, the two of them are entertained together and what they go through really helps make each of them better in the end.

8 Rebecca and Sam

Split image of Rebecca at her desk and Sam smiling at Ted Lasso

Here’s a pairing that certainly had less screen time than the previous two, however it ranks higher because it’s pretty cute. Sam Obisanya is a lovable gamer who struggles with self-confidence and the fact that he misses home, while Rebecca owns the team.

On paper, they shouldn’t be a potential item, but there is a possibility that it will happen. Sam is adorable when asked to join the team to reverse a curse and they also have amazing eyes for each other. It may never turn into anything, but it’s still sweet.

7 Jamie and Roy

Jamie and Roy are in practice together

There are times when rivals can create the best relationships. Jamie and his aforementioned attitude issues bothered many of his teammates, but none more than veteran captain Roy Kent. He hated everything about Jamie.

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Of course, the brilliant Keeley helped them realize that they were a little more similar than they would like to admit. Still, it was always great to see their enmity on screen and eventually you could tell that there was even some respect between them.

6 Coach Beard & Ted

Coach Beard and Ted on the sidelines

The main story is obviously about Ted Lasso and his move from being a soccer coach in the United States to leading a soccer team in Europe. However, Coach Beard also makes the move alongside him. Together they arrive in a new country and face things as a unit.

What makes their bond so fun is that the public doesn’t learn much about Coach Beard. He is quiet, passionate about his work, somewhat brilliant and loves chess. That quiet nature works perfectly alongside the chatty Ted. It’s great to see how well they know each other when Ted is able to verbally throw something at him and Beard tells him in one line.

5 Keeley and Ted

Keeley and Ted are looking forward to

It’s hard to find two characters more likeable on their own than Ted and Keeley. They are both openly friendly to those around them, give wise advice, and are quite funny. Their friendship is one of the highlights of the show when Ted comes to her for help communicating with Jamie.

That bond is almost used against them in an effort to cause a scandal between the two of them and Jamie. That never happens and ultimately they don’t spend a lot of time together in the second half of the season. Regardless, what fans got from them together was wonderful and they need to see more in season two.

4 The diamond dogs

Split images of Coach Beard, Nate, Leslie and Ted Lasso

The only group on this list that is not a pair, the Diamond Dogs consists of four characters. After Ted spends the night with Rebecca’s friend Flo, he feels guilty about it. So he trusts Coach Beard, Leslie, and the always adorable Nate for advice.

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When everything goes well for Ted, he loves this foursome. Together, they invent a nickname for the group and land on “Diamond Dogs.” The episode in which it happens is even named after him. The group is lovely, especially when they help Roy with his female problems.

3 Rebecca and Ted

Jason Sudekis and Hannah Waddingham

At first, Rebecca looks like basically the same character as the owner of the Cleveland Indians in 1989. Major League. She tries to sabotage the team on purpose, though she does it to get revenge on her ex-husband, since they were the only thing she truly loved. In fact, he hires Ted as part of that plan and does things to damage his image.

However, the two really do form a bond over time. Ted brings her cookies almost daily and they are not from the store, but rather the ones he personally bakes for her. Ted stands up for her when it comes to Rupert and is quick to forgive her when he discovers the truth. She realizes that she is wrong and grows from it.

two Keeley and Rebecca

Keeley and Rebecca in Ted Lasso

Ted isn’t the only person who connects with Rebecca in an important way. Keeley does the same and arrives unexpectedly. She shows up at Rebecca’s office and they quickly bond over because Keeley treats her like a normal girlfriend and not someone in power.

Keeley is not afraid to talk to her like he would to anyone else, using foul language and even flirting with her on various occasions. Rebecca invites Keeley to stay with her in Liverpool and they are there for each other when you need them. Keeley is the one who calls out Rebecca about her misdeeds, while Rebecca helped her friend realize that she deserved better in a relationship.

one Keeley and Roy

Keeley and Roy on the couch talking to their niece.

When Rebecca made Keeley understand that she wanted and needed a more mature relationship, Roy’s seemed to jump on her. The two spend some of the early episodes sharing witty banter and even flirting a bit, but it doesn’t go much further.

Once a romance is possible, the usually stoic Roy gets flustered and asks her out in a cute scene. The latest episodes shedding light on their relationship make it clear that they are great for each other. Kelley can help him understand that there is more to him than just being an athlete, as he helps her access that more mature side that she wanted.

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