Angeline Jolie on the run from two killers as fire burns around her in the new trailer for Taylor Sheridan’s latest movie to premiere on HBO Max.

Angeline Jolie is fighting fire and killers in the trailer for Those who wish me dead. Jolie plays Hannah Faber, a smoke jumper and survival expert who crosses paths with a young boy, played by Finn Little, on the run from two killers. Little’s character, Connor, has witnessed a murder and the two killers (Nicholas Hoult and Aidan Gillen) are determined to get him out of the Montana desert so they can get rid of the loose ends. What they weren’t expecting is Connor teaming up with Hannah and the movie will follow the two as they navigate the burning forest after the killers set the desert on fire.

Those who wish me dead It comes from Taylor Sheridan, who wrote and directed the neo-western film. Sheridan is known for his brave stories set in the modern American West. Before starting directing, Sheridan helped write Denis Villeneuve’s play. Hitman and David Mackenzie Against all odds before directing Wind river starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen. Sheridan earned a Best Original Screenplay nomination at the Academy Awards for Against all odds.

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The trailer of Those who want me Dead, released by Warner Bros., He continues the work that began with his other films, showing the tense thriller that awaits him. Jolie’s Hannah Faber gets caught up in a plot she never expected to be a part of when she encounters a bloody young Connor on the run from Patrick and Jack Blackwell. Jon Bernthal is also part of the cast, playing a police officer caught in the battle between Hannah and the killers. Check out the full clip below:

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Jolie hasn’t appeared on screen in a prominent role since 2019. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, but Those who wish me dead it seems to be a return to the deep-rooted dramaturgy of many of his films. It will also be the first of two major movies for the actress in 2021. Jolie will also star in her MCU debut when Chloe Zhao Eternal debuts in November. It’s unclear how prominent her role is in that movie, as she’s part of an expansive cast, but Those who wish me dead It seems to focus on Jolie and the seclusion of Montana’s wilderness.

Those who wish me dead is one of the many films that will be released in theaters and on HBO Max this year. Although it’s one of the lowest-profile movies on the WB list, it could be a huge draw to the streamer both because of Jolie’s star power and Sheridan’s growing reputation as the master of modern westerns. When Those who wish me dead hits the streamer, it will be another great moment for Warner Bros. to show that their decision to release their 2021 movies on the streamer was a good decision.

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Source: Warner Bros.

  • Those Who Want Me Dead (2021)Release Date: May 14, 2021

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