Marvel superheroes have many incredible abilities, but they choose to be good every day. That’s what really makes them superheroes. The line between good and evil can be very blurry, and power can tip a character one way or another very easily. Anyone with skills is susceptible to becoming a victim of those skills.

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In fact, it is often even more difficult for fictional characters to balance good and evil. It all comes down to willpower. Because being a Sith means feeding off your emotions and obsessing over becoming more powerful, there are quite a few Marvel superheroes who could easily become great Sith in the world. Star Wars universe.

10 Doctor Strange hasn’t always had pure intentions

Doctor Strange in Infinity War

When Doctor Strange was first introduced in the MCU, he was still a doctor, but not yet the Supreme Sorcerer. In fact, he lived a life of luxury and had an excess of wealth. Furthermore, he was incredibly selfish and self-centered. Everything in his life was about improving his status and improving his reputation.

He needed to learn how to become a hero and care for those around him. No one can change that much, and those trends are definitely still inside him. If he succumbed to them, he could become a great Sith, especially with the amount of magic he can control.

9 The Scarlet Witch does not control her emotions

Wanda uses her magic

As viewers have seen over the years, especially in WandaVision, Wanda Maximoff is not the most emotionally stable hero. You have experienced a lot of trauma in your life and you have not necessarily had a lot of time to process everything that has happened. Losing her family, her twin brother, and then Vision made things incredibly difficult for Wanda.

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People even speculated that she was the true villain of WandaVision, which Westview residents probably wouldn’t disagree with. The Sith are often controlled by their strong negative emotions, and this is definitely something that could happen, and has happened before, to the Scarlet Witch.

8 The Winter Soldier has a lot of anger inside him

In the 1940s Steve Rogers thought Bucky Barnes had died, but he had actually just been seriously injured before HYDRA took him away. There, he became the living weapon, the Winter Soldier. Even after regaining his own brain and body, Bucky had to constantly keep fighting.

He has never had a chance to just be a person, not since he was very young, if he ever did. Bucky has a lot of strong emotions inside him, including incredibly justified anger. Unfortunately, this is perfect for the dark side to feed on. He would be a great Sith if he gave in to those emotions.

7 Rocket Raccoon goes where it’s best for him

Honestly, more than a few of the Guardians of the Galaxy team could reasonably be good Sith. Their morale is not as bad as they are simply not strict, and there are many things the Guardians would be willing to do, if they had to.

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Even before Rocket Raccoon was a Guardian of the Galaxy, he was someone who was always getting into some kind of chaos. By his very nature, he is a frenzied individual, into which the Dark Side could easily get their hooks. He’s also cunning and strong, which would make him a good Sith, specifically, once he goes dark.

6 Star-Lord could be influenced by extreme emotion

Chris Pratt Star-Lord Infinity War

Rocket Raccoon isn’t the only Guardian of the Galaxy who would make a great Sith. Star-Lord is arguably on that list as well. While he can be seen as the leader of the team, his moral compass is not as pure or strong as that of heroes like Captain Marvel or Falcon.

He can easily get carried away by extreme emotion, and is as fallible as any other human being. Star-Lord proved that he can compromise when he let Thanos goad him using the knowledge of Gamora’s death. There are some indicators that Star-Lord has given of potentially becoming a great Sith if he really did commit.

5 Nick Fury works in gray areas as needed

Nick Fury and the Tesseract

Of all the leaders at Marvel, Nick Fury is probably the most committed to getting the job done, no matter what the cost. For Nick Fury, the end will always justify the means. He has done truly terrible things in his life because he really believed that he needed to do those things.

This is the same argument that many Sith have made over the years. They believe that they can become the most powerful figures in the galaxy and then use that power to shape their worlds as they see fit. Nick Fury is no different, and he’s probably been preparing his entire life to become a Sith, even if he didn’t know it.

4 Gamora knows her own worth and will not be undervalued

Gamora on Peter's Boat

Gamora isn’t actually a surprising character to become a Sith. She was raised and trained for years with Thanos to do whatever it takes, even if it’s not necessarily treated as the right thing to do. His morale fluctuates wildly.

He only left Thanos once he was able to identify terribly terrible things he had done. She spent years with him acquiring skills and knowledge, and now he has an immense amount of power to offer. Gamora knows how skilled she is and similarly knows how to walk the line between good and evil.

3 The black widow would probably be an incredibly skilled Sith warrior

Marvel Black Widow

When Black Widow was first brought into the MCU, she was not in her true identity at first. Instead, she was presented in disguise. Over the years, Natasha Romanoff has proven capable of doing what she has to do to get a job done.

However, when it comes to those she cares about, Natasha ultimately comes to terms with her emotions. Like Anakin Skywalker, Natasha could attempt to become a Jedi, but the Sith will likely eventually claim her. Although unfortunate, she would be a great Sith, once there.

two Nebula has done what she had to do in the past

Along with her adoptive sister, Gamora, Nebula was similarly trained with Thanos. Unfortunately, unlike her sister, Nebula did not receive any preferential treatment from her adoptive father. In fact, Thanos seemed to really take delight in tormenting Nebula.

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As such, Nebula, traumatized and deeply hurt, has had a difficult time trusting people or controlling her emotions at any time. Although she has recently hesitantly joined the superheroes, it wouldn’t take a big push to turn her back into a villain, or a Sith.

one Iron Man was driven by greed before and could be again

Like Doctor Strange, Iron Man wasn’t always the superhero who seems to help save people and protect the world. Before, Tony Stark was just a rich playboy who used his company to develop military weapons. This is possibly one of the worst things a person can do, and Tony Stark was already living that life.

Being Iron Man is the newest activity in Tony’s life. If Tony went back to his old ways, he would be perfect for a Sith. He has all the ingredients to be the perfect Sith, and he could even become a Sith Lord if things went his way.

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