Only Roger from American Dad would build a factory to create new people and then burn everything with a flamethrower.

The most impressive juggling act of american father Roger maintains a seemingly endless parade of alternate identities. Although he’s been confused from time to time, it’s honestly surprising that things haven’t gone terribly wrong more times. But one episode revealed how Roger developed his characters and stored them safely in a factory until he burned it to the ground.

Roger’s Character Creation Factory first appeared in Season 11, Episode 12 of american father. Francine introduced Roger to Meredith, a wealthy and accomplished woman whom she idolized. When Roger tried to impress Meredith, he was overwhelmed by her genius and thought she was a waitress for an extended period of time. After finishing his allegedly unpaid shift, Roger formulated a plan that, not surprisingly, included a new personality. That’s when he took Francine on a field trip to his factory, which showcased many of his classic costumes, including the infamous Ricky Spanish.

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In addition to housing their outfits, the facility was designed to build entirely new characters. He had an operating system that allowed Roger to input the variables of the new costume he wanted to create, and the machine would do the rest, building the outfit piece by piece, including wigs.

Roger takes Francine to the character factory

While the factory answered some questions about how Roger developed all these new characters, it raised many other issues. It has never been explained how this massive facility was allowed to be built in the first place. Roger could have had a certain amount of resources at his disposal, but this complicated setup probably cost a fortune. On top of that, the technology seemed pretty advanced, and it’s doubtful Roger could have figured it out on his own.

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Unfortunately, the mystery of Roger’s character factory may never be solved. Roger’s attempt to impress Meredith with his ultimate personality turned out to be an utter failure. When it didn’t work, Roger overreacted. He pulled out a flamethrower and burned the factory to the ground. The weird thing is, he had the flamethrower there, which means he knew this could be a possibility at some point.

Roger’s character creation factory was an incredible feat of engineering, one that helped him maintain an incredible array of alternate personalities and costumes throughout. american father. But there was more to it than that. The factory may have produced the suits, but Roger brought them to life. On the one hand, that’s impressive. On the other hand, it was a bit unsettling how easily and quickly Roger disappeared into other people’s lives.

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