Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear Refills and New Character Announced

Build-A-Bear’s Animal Crossing Collection is currently out of stock, but the company promises a quick restock along with an upcoming new character.

The first collectibles available from the collaboration between Build-A-Bear Workshop Y Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Tom Nook and Isabelle, will be back in stock soon and the new character in the collection will be revealed this summer. The partnership between Nintendo’s lovable life simulator and the stuffed animal retailer was announced nearly a month ago, although, at the time, there was little information on what. Animal crossing fans could wait. Simply saying that the fruits of the association would be available soon, many wondered when the fall would come and what characters would be included.

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Build-A-Bear answered one of these questions earlier this week when it revealed that the collection would launch on April 6, the day after the announcement. Despite the company’s message giving detailed instructions on how to prepare to buy the next shares, it left out a very important detail: which characters would be available. Finally, fans discovered Build-A-Bear’s initial release Animal crossing crossover would include Tom Nook and Isabelle. The two central characters run the busy resident services in the franchise’s latest installment, making them logical choices for the collection. Unfortunately, the collectibles were bought out quickly and many were unable to purchase the pair.

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The day after the collection was available, Build a bear He took to Twitter to assure fans that Tom Nook and Isabelle would be available again in the near future and to announce that an additional character would be joining the collection this summer. The publication includes an image of the stuffed animals of the characters currently revealed, both with sportswear recognizable by Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The identity of the new toy remains a mystery, as does its exact release date. The summer window is vague, though the retailer encourages fans to stay tuned for more information.

Speculation about the new addition is rampant in the absence of official information. Many hope to see Animal crossing fan-favorite villagers get the stuffed animal treatment. Although Build-A-Bear may continue to focus on Tom Nook and Isabelle-like characters that recur regularly throughout the series, such as the nighttime museum manager, Blathers.

Which new character will join Build-A-Bear’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons The compilation may not be the most important question for fans of the collaboration. The first group of creatures quickly sold out and there is no concrete information on when Tom Nook and Isabelle will return. Even if it’s early, will everyone who wants to buy the pair be able to? These are problems Build a bear he’s familiar with their specials, and the retailer has a lot of work to do if he wants to meet demand before the next character goes on sale.

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