Explanation of the two Walking Dead flashbacks in the Negan episode

Negan’s episode of The Walking Dead featured two flashbacks of Rick and Michonne; This is what they mean and why they are important to your character.

The Living Dead featured several flashbacks throughout season 10 episode 22, “Here’s Negan.” While some of the flashbacks featured people in Negan’s life before he entered the series, two of Negan’s flashbacks featured scenes with Rick and Michonne. The episode followed Negan’s thoughts after he was banished to a cabin on the outskirts of Alexandria. Taunted by the face of his old leather-clad self, he reflects on his life and what led him to be one of the The walking Dead most ruthless villains. The episode mainly followed the story of the death of his wife Lucille and why her iconic bat is named after her.

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After being banished, Negan sets out to find Lucille, though his intentions once he finds her are still unclear at this point, both to fans and to Negan himself. It is during this search for Lucille that Negan reflects on two key moments from his past that should be familiar to fans. The first flashback begins when Negan rolls his eyes into the window of The walking Dead season 8 episode 16, “Wrath”, where Rick slashed Negan’s throat with a shard from the window. In the flashback, Rick tells Negan that “Carl said it doesn’t have to be, it doesn’t have to be a fight anymore,” before slitting Negan’s throat. This is the last place you saw Lucille all those years ago.

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This was a monumental moment for Negan in more ways than one. Of course, it was the moment when his freedom and power were taken away from him, along with Lucille, before he was imprisoned in Alexandria. This moment also plays an interesting role in your current insights into your future. Carl (and by extension, Judith) was someone who saw humanity in Negan when no one else could. Negan felt a connection to Carl, and his death was one of the few times that Negan expressed genuine emotion rather than pomp and pageantry. Carl believed in a peaceful future and possible redemption for Negan; Now, overlooking the same place years later in the episode “Here’s Negan,” it seems like Negan is starting to wonder if maybe Carl’s dream of a peaceful future could really come true for him.

The second flashback featured a scene from The walking Dead season 9 episode 4, “The Obliged”, when Michonne broke the news to Negan that Lucille was “still out there“-” means “there” under the window. The episode was important to Negan in several ways; he and Michonne spent the episode discussing various topics that relate to “Here’s Negan”, primarily the death of his wife and the way he views the apocalypse, and, once again, arguing about Carl and his future. But the most telling moment of the episode is her reaction to discovering that Lucille was left in the hands of the elements and the way she cried when she saw her and that he was. “going to see my lucille, “showing how deeply he felt the connection between his bat and his wife.

In the end, Negan sets Lucille on fire in an attempt to put the past behind him before returning to Alexandria, ignoring Carol’s warnings that Maggie might use the opportunity to kill him. While it is too early to judge, burning Lucille could be a sign that Negan is ready to part with his violent past; It is possible that The Walking Dead could be giving Negan a future that Carl could be proud of in season 11.

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