The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has set up a lot in its first three episodes, and some big twists have been promised for the second half of the show. With a host of new and old characters in the story and some big mysteries yet to be solved, it’s hard to predict what will happen in the next three episodes. However, there are some possibilities that seem more plausible than the rest.

Far away, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has featured a host of new heroes, villains, and as yet undetermined parts. The Flag-Smashers started out as the show’s main antagonists, but the development of their leader Karli Morgenthau has made them more of a sympathetic antihero. The mysterious Power Broker appears in the background as a greater potential threat, but his identity has yet to be revealed. And while the new Captain America, John Walker, hasn’t done anything reprehensible yet, he certainly doesn’t seem trustworthy.

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Given what has happened in the series so far, and drawing on some clues from the comics, viewers have speculated about the twists and turns that lie ahead. Loyalties are sure to change and possibly crumble as the show nears its climax, and there could be even more unknown characters to enter the fray. Here are some predictions of major twists that could occur in the next three episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Sharon Carter is the power broker

Sharon Carter's Power Agent

The Power Broker has yet to be seen in person, but a popular fan theory holds that the mysterious villain is actually Sharon Carter. Carter appears in episode 3 and helps Sam, Bucky and Zemo in Madripoor, but some things of his life there do not add up. Since the events of Captain America: Civil War, Carter has been on the run from the US government, eventually making his way to some pretty lavish life in Madripoor. However, Sharon was previously named as one of the victims of Thanos’ Snap, which makes her status in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier something questionable.

If Sharon really died in the Snap, she wouldn’t have had long after being brought back by Blip to acquire all the wealth and power she seems to have in Madripoor. One theory is that Sharon didn’t actually die, but faked her death when the Snap occurred and began working in the shadows, eventually becoming the Power Broker. The “character always referred to as male turns out to be female” twist is nothing new and could make a lot of sense in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Whether she’s the Power Broker or not, something strange is definitely going on with Carter, as her last shot in Episode 3 shows her getting into a mysterious car with an unknown woman.

Sam and John Walker take the super soldier serum

Wyatt Russell as John Walker Captain America and Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson in Falcon and Winter Soldier

In The Falcon and the Winter Soldier In Episode 3, Sam and Bucky find Dr. Nagel, the creator of the new super soldier serum stolen by the Flag-Smashers. Nagel says he prepared twenty doses of the serum and that only eight have been administered to Karli Morgenthau and her team. That leaves twelve doses unaccounted for, and Sam or John Walker, or possibly both, could take the serum before the program ends.

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Walker gains superhuman abilities from the Power Broker in his comic book arc, so he’s likely to follow a similar path in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Sam taking the serum would be more of a departure from the comics, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. The MCU has already taken significant liberties with Sam’s character and story, and that could go on to make him a proper super soldier. However, given the weight of such a change, Sam probably wouldn’t take the serum unless it was absolutely necessary. It’s also possible that he could be given the option to become a super soldier at the end of the series and turn it down.

Bucky Barnes dies

Bucky the Falcon and the Winter Soldier Rule Number 2

The MCU has generally been stingy when it comes to killing off the main characters. Only a handful of prominent heroes have died in the franchise, and about half of them have returned for one sci-fi explanation or another, such as Loki and Gamora returning from alternate timelines and Vision resurrected by Scarlet Witch and SWORD. respectively. Despite all that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier it could end with a noble sacrifice from Bucky Barnes himself.

Bucky’s journey through the last three phases of the MCU has largely been a story of redemption. He continues to struggle with all the horrible actions he did, even though they weren’t his fault. Plus, despite being a fan favorite, he’s not particularly essential to the franchise’s overall story, meaning his death could be a powerful moment with no major ramifications for future films. Is the Winter Soldier unlikely to die? Yes. But it is definitely a possibility.

Isaiah Bradley returns to action

Sam Isaiah Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has delved into the history of American super soldier experiments, and one of the biggest revelations of that story has been the introduction of Isaiah Bradley. Bradley received superhuman strength at some point after Steve Rogers, but unlike Steve, Bradley was not treated as well by the United States government. After serving valiantly in various military campaigns, he was unjustly imprisoned and experimented for decades.

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Issues of racial oppression have been an important undercurrent of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier so far, and Isaiah is a big part of that aspect of the story. His horrendous mistreatment has only been mentioned briefly thus far, but his story could become more central if he finds a reason to come out of retirement. Seeing Isaiah team up with Sam would be an exciting twist, especially if it meant a chance for justice. From his only scene so far, it appears that Isaiah still has a lot of strength left.

Captain America’s shield is broken

Cap's Shield

Cap’s shield has been the main symbol for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and its meaning and property have been important topics of discussion between the characters. It is not yet clear who will end up with the shield at the end of the series, which means that it is possible that no one will. The MCU has destroyed iconic weapons before (RIP Mjolnir), and there are certain parts in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier who would like to see the shield destroyed. Of course, since it is made from solid vibranium, doing so would be a huge task.

The return of Steve Rogers

Old Steve Rogers in Avengers Endgame

Chris Evans has stated multiple times that his time in the MCU is over. That makes a Steve Rogers comeback seem highly unlikely, but there are a few ways it could still happen. For starters, Steve could appear in the story in a way that doesn’t require Evans’s face or voice. Letters, unheard voicemails, and closed-door meetings are simple writing tricks that could allow Steve to give a little insight into the history and handling of his legacy. The way the characters talk about Steve on the show makes it look like he’s dead, but that has never been officially confirmed on screen. And of course, it’s also possible that Evans has been lying. Even if Steve is dead, Sam and Bucky might find some message he left behind. Yes The mandalorian brought back Luke Skywalker, no reason The Falcon and the Winter Soldier failed to bring back the original Captain America.

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