Flash secretly defeats other heroes’ villains for them

DC has made a really cool reveal about Flash – secretly fighting other heroes’ villains for them, with no one but him being the wiser!

Spoilers for The flash #768 forward!

On The flash #768, DC Comics revealed that the Flash sometimes fights other villainous heroes for them, with no one but the speedster being the wiser! The problem, part of the publisher Infinite border initiative, is already on sale in stores and digital.

Life has been turbulent for the Flash family in recent years, the return of Wally West being one of them. Since his return, he has had to fight to get his family back and then found himself at the center of a murder mystery in the Heroes in crisis event. Meanwhile, Barry Allen, in the wake of Dark Nights Death Metal In conclusion, you are ready to join the Justice Incarnate team, which will take you away not only from Earth but from our universe as a whole. A new Flash is needed, and Wally, now ready to put the drama of recent years behind him, steps forward.

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However, when the issue opens, written by Jeremy Adams, with art by Brandon Peterson and Marco Santucci and colors by Mike Atiyeh and Luis Guerrero, Wally is ready to quit smoking so he can spend more time with his family. Barry is unhappy, but agrees to stay on Earth until a replacement can be found. Wally wants Barry to separate him from the Speed ​​Force as well, but not before one last race, and as the two race across the country, they “fight” various villains and, by “fighting,” use their super-speed powers. to neutralize the bad guys before they know what hit them. They run through Metropolis, where Metallo searches for Superman, ready to fight. The two flashes dismantle it in a matter of seconds, leaving the robot understandably confused. They then run through the water, but not before stopping the Ocean Master from unleashing his latest plan.

Modern Flash The comics have shown that when the Flash goes on a long run, he will stop and perform good deeds along the way, be it stopping a robbery or simply pulling a cat out of a tree. However, their career on this issue took that to the next level – they actually went after real, genuine super villains, stopping them in their tracks. Not only does it demonstrate the truly heroic nature of the Flash, but it also shows that very few villains, especially outside of Flash’s rogues gallery, have defenses against him, making him one of the most powerful characters in DC.

At the dawn of Infinite border, the Flash has shown why he’s one of DC’s greatest heroes – he’s willing to step up and help his friends with their baddies, even when they can’t.

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