‘Hey Spotify’ isn’t a car thing yet, but it probably will be soon

Spotify’s voice assistant for iOS and Android allows users to control music and podcasts in the app, but is it also a sign that a new device is coming?

Spotify You may not recognize it yet, but you have already started rolling out your own app-specific voice assistant for iOS and Android devices. The popular music streaming service was already accessible by conventional voice assistants like Siri, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. However, it seems that Spotify wanted to take matters into their own hands, or rather with their voice.

Spotify, one of the world’s leading music platforms, is not the only music streaming service that has recently implemented its own version of an existing technology. Amazon Music, for example, recently launched car mode in an attempt to make music easier to access on the go through a simplified interface, which is a similar strategy employed by Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto. In a somewhat similar move, Spotify has now introduced a voice assistant to handle music focus commands around the house.

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As confirmed by TechCrunch and The edge, among others, Spotify is launching its own voice assistant for iOS and Android devices that uses the “Hey spotify“wake phrase. Spotify will need to be open on a user’s phone for it to work, but they can then ask Spotify to play certain songs, albums, or podcasts. Or, if they have Spotify Connect-enabled speakers on their Wi-Fi network, they can use voice commands to tell Spotify to stream music to those specific speakers.

‘Hey Spotify’, a precursor of cars?

Spotify Group Sessions Beta in a car

What TechCrunch speculated, the unannounced release of “Hey spotify“It could be a sign that a new piece of Spotify-branded hardware is on the way. The publication reported that the origins of”Hey spotify“They go back to an unreleased device for cars that Spotify called”Car thing. “In apparent confirmation of this device, MacRumors Found Car Thing images in Spotify app code. The question now is, if Car Thing arrives, how will it differ from the functionality of a Spotify-enabled smartphone? Now that “Hey spotify“It is (not) officially coming to mobile devices, it seems that both smartphones and Car Thing can carry out similar functions, that is, adjust the volume, change tracks and access Spotify hands-free.

In fairness to Spotify’s impending unconfirmed auto gadget, it may turn out to be an easier tool for in-car music control. Smartphones can only access “Hey spotify“When the app is open, maybe Car Thing has some kind of always-on microphone that allows drivers to use their voice to change music whenever they want. Maybe Car Thing’s controls are also easier to access compared to a smartphone, in the same way, car stereos are often safer to use while behind the wheel. These are all hypothetical, of course, but it’s clear that Spotify’s Car Thing will need to have more functionality. than the average smartphone to make it worth buying.

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Source: TechCrunch, The edge

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