How to defeat Molten Acari in Outriders

Molten Acari is one of the first bosses players will encounter in Outriders. Breaking all three of the creature’s health bars can be difficult.

There are many different boss battles that Outriders they will meet throughout their journey, the molten Acari being one of the first. This giant lava spider can give players quite a scare if they aren’t expecting it or not ready for it. Located near the volcano, players may want to plan this fight before entering.

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While it is not the hardest boss by any means, if a player encounters this enemy too early it can be quite difficult to beat. If this is the case and a player is struggling to defeat the creature, they can always fast travel back to a merchant or lower their world level to get past it. Otherwise, here are the best tricks to beat all three levels of the molten Acari.

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How to Shred the Three Health Bars of the Molten Acari in the Outriders

If players have a chance to prepare for this match, they should focus on having a good medium to long range weapon so they can stay in a decent space away from their many lava AOEs. Avoid using shotguns as they will be too focused at close range. Something like an assault rifle will work just fine. Although snipers will work well for the last stage of the battle as well. Pistols are fine, but since this fight is very focused on movement, players won’t have much time to aim and fire repeated rounds.

Players should focus on using their bullet-infusing abilities with whatever anomaly abilities their class has granted them. Other skills to focus on are all medium to long range damage skills. Something at close range is unlikely to hit the beast without putting the player in danger. Players will want to avoid getting hit at all if possible, but they can heal themselves by killing the molten Acari hatchlings that appear during the second phase.

During the first phase, players will need to be on the lookout for lava sprays and spider attacks. In these situations, the player will want to stay close to mid-range in order to dodge sprays and hits. Remember to check the blue indicators on the ground to see where the next attack will land. Players should focus on shooting the Acari’s abdomen as much as possible. It is the spider’s only weak point and it will glow like lava.

In the second phase of the fight, the molten Acari will swim through the lava and release its little spiders to chase the player. This will give the player a good chance to heal himself by killing the hatchlings while the Acari is out. However, the hatchlings will continue to appear for the remainder of the fight, so players should avoid standing still or surrounding themselves. During this phase, the Acari will leap onto the cave walls and spit lava across the battlefield. At this point, players should focus on dodging more than anything else. The best time to shoot him is when he’s on the ground or drinking lava.

The molten Acari will evolve in the third phase of the fight into a gigantic lava worm with the spider’s body acting as the face. What makes this section difficult is avoiding walls of lava that shoots out from the center of the arena and spins like a revolving door. Treat this like a revolving door and follow the lava wall, keeping your distance to avoid splashing the ground. When you can, focus on shooting at the worm’s body as the head will be out of firing range.

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Outriders is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PC, and Google Stadia.

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