Not all cursed techniques are as complicated as Fushigiro’s shadow shikigami or Toge’s cursed speech, but all cursed techniques require some training to control. Why else would powerful jujutsu wizards like Satoru Gojo spend their time educating young wizards at Tokyo Jujutsu High?

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Controlling a cursed technique requires an understanding of cursed energy. After learning the basics, a jujutsu wizard can begin to innovate within his technique. However, this is not always easy. One can only imagine the carnage that took place before Toge learned to limit his vocabulary, and he is just one of the ten characters that make up this list.

10 Master Tengen’s Immortality Technique requires that he change his body every 500 years

Tenge changes body _ Jujutsu Kaisen Manga

Master Tengen is well known for creating the barriers that hide Tokyo Jujutsu High School from outsiders, but few know that his cursed technique actually grants him immortality. This may seem like a boon to some, but it has some drawbacks in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

To maintain his will, Master Tengen has to assert his ego dominance every 500 years. After finding the appropriate Star Plasma Vessel, Tengen can transfer his own consciousness to a new body and continue living. Unfortunately, this leaves the donor’s consciousness without a body to reside in. The moral and ethical dilemmas that must be overcome to control this technique complicate what is otherwise a very simple damn technique.

9 If Kiki and Harry Potter taught viewers anything, it’s that Momo Nishimiya’s cursed technique isn’t simple.

Momo saves Toge _ Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen It has already shown that it is not afraid to embrace classic anime and genre tropes. In fact, JJK it does better than most next-gen anime when it comes to repackaging tropes in ways that will amaze and entertain viewers.

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Even some things as conceptually simple as a flying broom turn into Jujutsu Kaisen in the form of Momo Nishimiya’s cursed technique, tool manipulation. Nishimiya makes flying on a broom look easy, but fans of Kiki’s delivery service and Harry Potter Know that mastering the art of flying a broom is not easy.

8 Dagon, the special grade cursed spirit, makes controlling the flow of water look easy

Dagon vs Choso _ Jujutsu Kaisen Manga _ Colored

Although anime fans have yet to see Dagon do anything other than float around the waters in his domain, manga fans know that Dagon’s control over the ocean extends far beyond this domain. To explain how difficult it would be to control the cursed Disaster Tides technique, fans should consider that humanity has had trouble controlling the flow of water since ancient times.

Dams, bridges, and canals are all examples of man-made structures that attempt to control the flow of water and none of them work as well as Dagon’s cursed technique. A young jujutsu sorcerer would surely have a difficult time manipulating water with the precision and power that Dagon exhibits in the JJK sleeve.

7 Aoi Todo makes Boogie Woogie look simple, but Yuji shows viewers how disorienting the teleportation technique can be

Aoi Todo _ Jujutsu Kaisen

When Todo finally shows fans his powerful Boogie Woogie cursed technique, he and Yuji use it together to overcome a special grade cursed spirit named Hanami. By clapping, Todo can force two cursed energy-infused objects to switch places. These items include cursed spirits, jujutsu wizards, and even cursed items / weapons.

A teleportation ability like this may seem simple, but Yuji makes it very clear in his team battle with Todo that it can be disorienting. Furthermore, it requires Todo to be able to be aware of the way cursed energy travels around them. Although this may be natural for a jujutsu wizard, it cannot be easy while constantly changing position and posture during combat.

6 Nobara uses one of the most complicated cursed item techniques in all of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Nobara _ Rubber hammer

Although the idea behind Nobara’s Cursed Technique is not difficult, understanding how to wield a hammer and nail as a melee weapon and a projectile would be extremely difficult to master. Each of the nails Nobara fires is riddled with his cursed energy, making them extremely lethal.

The fact that Nobara also carries a rubber mallet shows how difficult it is to control the amount of lethal energy he puts behind each attack. This makes it even more important for anyone wielding this damn technique to attack with a precision few other techniques demand.

5 Naobito Zenin and Naoya Zenin can use their cursed energy to manipulate the world around them like kings and queens in the Jujutsu Kaisen post-production team.

Jujutsu Kaisen _ Colored Manga

When Naobito Zenin and his son, Naoya Zenin, finally appear on screen, fans will finally be able to make sense of their shared cursed technique. Projection Sorcery seems to give its user the ability to see each second as 24 separate frames of visual data, but the manga’s medium makes it difficult to show viewers exactly how this technique works.

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Like the editors behind Jujutsu Kaisen are capable of breaking every second of JJK In individual frames to gain more control over incomplete anime episodes, Naobito and Naoya can use this cursed technique to gain more control over the battlefield. To take full advantage of this power, a jujutsu wizard has to land a palm strike on his opponents. While this is not difficult for any of these powerful wizards, an average user would have a hard time using this cursed technique at full power.

4 Megumi Fushigiro is required to maintain a constant state of concentration to control her Shadow Shikigami

megumi shikigami

The first episode of Jujutsu Kaisen It shows how difficult it is to control Megumi’s shikigami when the young sorcerer is wounded by a spirit while fighting for possession of Sukuna’s Finger. After her head crashes into a wall, Megumi loses control of her demon dogs completely, leaving them with no choice but to vanish into her shadow.

It seems like it takes an incredible amount of concentration to maintain control of the Ten Shadows Cursed Technique. Even Megumi, who maintains a stoic and calm personality for most of the first season, fails to maintain her Shikigami’s form at all times.

3 Understanding the concept of infinity opens the door to a powerful list of abilities for Satoru Gojo.

Satoru Gojo fighting Jogo in Jujutsu Kaisen

Satoru Gojo makes looking cool and kicking butt look simple, but there’s nothing simple about the Infinity concept. The sheer nature of Gojo’s boundless technique gives this heartthrob of a sensei an incredible sense of power, but it can also paralyze him more than viewers have assumed.

If Gojo’s technique grants him access to the infinite void that makes up his Mastery Technique, one can imagine that behind Satoru’s beautiful blue eyes is the conviction to overcome the existential weight of infinity. If you need to get past infinity to handle Limitless, this may be the hardest damn technique to control of all.

two If Yuta’s adventures with Rika proved anything, it’s that Okatsu’s cursed technique is as difficult to control as it is to understand.

yuta okkotsu

Despite having been introduced in the first chapter published in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuta has yet to appear on the screen. The news of a prequel movie should have excited fans of Yuta Okatsu, as the special grade young sorcerer finally leaves the page and reaches the hearts of anime fans.

At the end of Volume 0 of the manga, Yuta discovers that not only can she negotiate with cursed spirits, but she can also create them. The information fans have on cursed spirits today implies that cursed spirits are created by powerful negative emotions. That means that in order to control her cursed technique, Yuta will have to work and control all her negative emotions, a task that many spend their entire lives avoiding due to how difficult it can be to accomplish.

one Toge Inumaki is forced to limit his speech to the ingredients of the rice ball in order to fully control his cursed speech technique.

jujutsu kaisen minor character Toge Inumaki

The version of Toge Inumaki that fans see in the first season of the Jujutsu Kaisen The anime has already learned to control its cursed speech technique, but it is clear that it has had to sacrifice quite a bit to stop it. Toge’s backstory is full of sacrifices, but the biggest sacrifice he could have made is the loss of his own language.

By reducing his vocabulary to the ingredients in rice balls, Toge has managed to avoid harming his allies with his cursed speech. Still, living a life in a constant state of misunderstanding would make limiting one’s vocabulary extremely difficult.

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