It took them a long time to get there, but Lucifer and Chloe eventually entered the next stage of their relationship. After years of while they / won’t, the two said things were official in the first half of Lucifer Season 5. Fans rejoiced after the series finally gave them everything they wanted, with much more to come when the next part premieres on Netflix.

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Although they didn’t act on their feelings until the end of the show, Lucifer and Chloe’s bond was always front and center of the supernatural drama. Even before they were a couple, it was obvious how much Lucifer and Chloe loved each other through their words and actions.

10 They play Monopoly with Chloe’s daughter

Lucifer plays Monopoly with Chloe and Trixie.

Chloe’s daughter was a fan of Lucifer long before he started dating his mother. Lucifer often acts upset with Trixie, but it’s clear that deep down he adores her. He joins the mother-daughter duo for game night and everyone has a great time.

Chloe won’t have to worry about what her daughter will think of Lucifer, as Trixie sometimes searches for Lucifer on her own. Due to how domestic the scene was, it would be easy to assume that they were one big happy family.

9 Lucifer jumps in front of an ax for Chloe

Chloe uses the ax on Lucifer.

Lucifer may be the devil, but even the devil has his weakness. Being around Chloe makes Lucifer so emotionally vulnerable that he loses his ability to heal.

Every time they go out into the field, Lucifer risks his life because he chooses to be around her. But Lucifer constantly takes risks for Chloe, even though he knows the consequences of his actions. When a suspect throws an ax at her, Lucifer pushes Chloe out of the way and she is nearly hit.

8 Chloe can tell that Michael is not Lucifer

Chloe shoots Michael.

In The vampire diaries, fans could often tell the difference between Elena Gilbert and her doppelganger, Katherine Pierce. But outside of Michael’s American accent, it’s impossible to tell the difference between him and Lucifer.

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Many viewers expected Chloe to be played by Lucifer’s evil twin, but Chloe found out the truth after seeing Michael kiss Maze. She knew that Lucifer would never do anything to hurt her, and although it seemed impossible, Chloe had no doubt that Lucifer was not the man in front of her.

7 Lucifer goes to hell and comes back for her (literally)

Chloe in the hospital bed.

When Chloe becomes infected with a deadly poison, the doctors cannot save her. Lucifer takes matters into his own hands and makes Maze and Linda stop his heart so he can go to hell and retrieve the antidote from a cursed soul.

It’s a risky business, and while there was no guarantee Lucifer would revive, he ends up going back to Chloe and saving her life. Because Chloe did not know Lucifer’s true identity at the time, she did not realize what he did for her.

6 Chloe loves him despite who he is

Chloe and Lucifer lean on each other.

Chloe and Lucifer are like a modern version of Beauty and the Beast. Chloe struggles after discovering that Lucifer is the real devil, but she eventually accepts him. He reveals his true form to her, horns and all, but he still doesn’t scare her.

Chloe loves Lucifer unconditionally and doesn’t care if he is the ruler of hell. She knows her heart, and that’s the only thing that has mattered to her.

5 Lucifer protects Chloe with his wings

Lucifer saves Chloe with his wings.

Despite his previous feelings for Chloe, Pierce decides to end his ex-fiancé once and for all. A bullet hits Chloe in the chest and the impact knocks her unconscious. But Pierce has no problem finishing the job and orders all of his men to kill them.

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Unable to get Chloe out, Lucifer does the only thing he can and protects her from the bullets with his wings. He takes hit after hit and his wings are bloody and spoiled, but Lucifer doesn’t stop. Though he screams in pain, Lucifer refuses to let Chloe die.

4 Lucifer helps Chloe loosen up

Chloe and Lucifer dance in LUX.

Chloe and Lucifer’s relationship is the definition of “opposites attract.” Chloe is tense and afraid to let her guard down, while Lucifer doesn’t have a shred of shame on his body. He has a flair for the dramatic and turns almost everything into a joke. Chloe takes things very seriously, so Lucifer’s attitude should put her off.

However, she feels able to let go when they are together, and she smiles more around him than when she is with anyone else.

3 Chloe is the only person he has ever loved

Lucifer and Chloe are together at last.

The prophecy stated that “when the devil walks the Earth and finds his first love, evil will be released”, but it was up to the air who exactly Lucifer’s first love was. He rekindled his relationship with Eve during season 4, and it seemed possible that she was the one the prophecy was referring to.

But before Lucifer returns to Hell, he makes it clear to Chloe that for all eternity, he has only loved her.

two Lucifer gives Chloe the bullet necklace

Lucifer finds Chloe in her room.

When Lucifer and Chloe meet for the first time, Chloe doesn’t understand why he never gets hurt. Lucifer tries to convince Chloe that he is the devil by asking her to shoot him, which surprisingly she does. But because Lucifer is vulnerable around Chloe, the bullet hurts him like any normal human would.

On Chloe’s birthday, he makes a necklace out of the bullet that Chloe shot him with during one of their first cases together. It was a strange but unique gift that Chloe clearly appreciated.

one Chloe chooses to be vulnerable with Lucifer

Lucifer and Chloe sit at the piano.

Amenadiel reveals a theory to Chloe about Lucifer’s vulnerability. He believes that Lucifer is vulnerable around him because he chooses to be. This encourages Chloe to break down her walls and choose to be vulnerable around Lucifer in return.

She goes up to the attic to look for him and reveals the depth of her feelings. They kiss for the first time since Lucifer returned from Hell, and it finally feels like everything is in sight between them.

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