MacGyver reboot show ends on CBS after season 5

CBS’s MacGyver, a reboot of the 1980s Richard Dean Anderson spy adventure series, will end after its fifth season, which is currently airing.

The MacGyver The fifth season of reboot will be the last. Based on the hit ’80s crime adventure show about an incredibly clever secret agent, MacGyver first aired on CBS in September 2016. Although it has struggled at times to get ratings since its debut, the revival starring X-Men: ApocalypseLucas Till is currently in his fifth season.

Now, Deadline Reports that MacGyverThe fifth season will be the last. “The MacGyver team has traveled far and wide to save the world repeatedly with little more than gum and a paper clip and have made this show clearly their own.“Kelly Kahl, president of CBS Entertainment, said in a statement about MacGyver‘Send. He also expressed admiration for the cast, crew, and showrunner of the show, Monica Macer, who replaced Hawaii Five-0 developer Peter M. Lenkov in the role after his dismissal last year. The fifteenth episode of the show’s fifth season, MacGyverThe series finale will air on Friday, April 30.

Lucas to MacGyver

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For various reasons, including poor critical performance, the MacGyver reboot has not had the same cultural impact as its predecessor. The original series starring Richard Dean Anderson has been referenced in numerous subsequent television shows as The Simpsons and even spawned the informal term “to MacGyver” something, or use whatever you have on hand to solve a problem. Plus, a new Peacock comedy series for Will Forte’s benchmark. MacGruber It was announced last August. Still, fans of MacGyver in all its guises you must tune in to what may be the latest serious version of television’s favorite secret agent improviser to air for some time.

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Source: Deadline

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