Marvel’s Empyre 2020 event is being honored by the stories that brought the long-awaited union between Hulkling and Wiccan to fruition.

Various Marvel stories Empyre The event is being celebrated as this year’s outstanding comic book for the 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards. This ceremony acts as an annual opportunity for the organization to raise funds, spread awareness, and provide more visibility to the wider LGBTQ + community.

Stories from the event being honored by GLAAD this year include Empyre, Lords of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling, and Empyre: Aftermath Avengers. This is not the first time that Marvel has been chosen for this specific distinction. Just last year Star Wars: Doctor Aphra was recognized for her accurate and respectful portrayal of the openly lesbian character. The GLAAD Media Awards have been around for more than three decades, with the first event being held in 1990. However, it wasn’t until 1992 that this specific category was added; and since then, the comics of Supergirl for Buffy the vampire slayer, and Black Panther all have received the honorable award.

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For those comic book enthusiasts who missed the event and haven’t kept up with Marvel lately: the newly anointed Emperor Hulkling and Scarlet Witch’s de facto son Wiccan finally made their relationship official at a small wedding ceremony in Las Vegas before the chaos broke out. Land on Empyre. Once they were victorious on the other side of the invasion, they held an extravagant Jewish space wedding to celebrate their union properly. This had been a long time ago for fans who had been following the two Young Avengers since they began their relationship over a decade ago in Avengers: The Children’s Crusade – Young Avengers # 1. Since then, the two have been fighting side by side with a connection stronger than ever, protecting each other and their space empire. Teddy and Billy’s love is powerful, so potent that even GLAAD had to acknowledge the beautiful relationship that Marvel has nurtured and highlighted.

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The list of other books nominated for this year’s award ranges from other Marvel comics to other mainstream and independent titles, including Far Sector, Guardians of the Galaxy, Juliet takes a breath, Lois Lane, The Magic Fish, Suicide Squad, Wynd, X Factor, and You brought me the ocean. Even being nominated means that GLAAD recognizes these comics as “Fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community and the issues that affect their lives.”

Writers Al Ewing, Anthony Oliveira and Dan Slott virtually accepted this year’s award and in doing so expressed their gratitude to the entire creative team behind Empyre, the folks at GLAAD, as well as the original creators of the two characters, Allan Heinberg and Jim. Cheung. Oliveira, who is an openly queer writer with his own set of accolades, specifically thanked readers who found a part of themselves in these stories and reminded them “We too can be heroes.”

Now more than ever, big publishers like Marvel and DC are proving that claim to be true. In June, DC will dedicate Pride Month to a great initiative that will celebrate its LGBTQIA + heroes with variant covers, special miniseries, graphic novels and more. It’s exciting and liberating to finally see such a huge push for more diversity and inclusion in comics, especially from powerhouses like Marvel and DC. And now having such a poignant and heartwarming story as the Hulkling and Wiccan doesn’t just get adequate coverage at Marvel’s. Empyre, but also the recognition it deserves from an organization like GLAAD, is undeniably powerful.

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