Outriders giving away legendary weapons, titanium and a gesture to say sorry

Outriders is giving away a legendary weapon, Titanium, and a unique gesture to apologize for server outages and inventory crashes at launch.

Although the game has rave reviews, the Outriders The launch was frustrating at best, as server outages plagued the early days of the game. Once the servers are stabilized, Outriders reached a massive concurrent player count, but many players were upset by the difficulties and lags surrounding the game. The cooperative looter-shooter was a huge win for publisher Square Enix in both acclaim and popularity. It was the biggest Steam launch in Square Enix history, but due to connectivity issues, the launch was disappointing. To say sorry Outriders is planning a thank you package.

The developers of Outriders, People Can Fly, promised to explain the server crashes after being bombarded by a horrible Metacritic review. Finally, the developers explained it as poorly managed server calls, managed by an alternative data management method instead of RAM. The workaround was too slow for the huge amount of data, and when the data was rolled back too far, the service would crash. The Outriders The servers went completely offline, but fans still gave the game overwhelming support.

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In appreciation for the support of the fans, Square enix confirmed on Reddit that he would deliver a gift pack to all players who logged into the game during launch. The pack includes an appropriate tier Legendary weapon for the highest tier character on each account, along with an appropriate amount of Titanium and a matching “Frustration” emote. Currently, the “Frustration” gesture is unattainable. It is currently unknown when the package will be delivered.

Players who logged into Outriders March 31 to April 11 are eligible to receive the package, and Square Enix also confirmed that those affected by the inventory wipe error will also receive the package. Legendary items are extremely valuable in-game, and the package is a good apology for the irritation of being kicked out of games and entire inventories disappearing. In a game that relies heavily on loot, this was extremely daunting for many players.

Yes Outriders‘The launch avoided server problems, the game itself would probably be one of the best options in the first quarter of 2021. Outriders offers a unique perspective on the looters and shooter genre, with skills and history that set it apart from other games. Unfortunately, the technical difficulties are extremely infuriating for players who pre-ordered the game or those who entered relatively early during launch. It can greatly influence opinions about the game, which would otherwise consider it very well. The OutridersReviews have pointed to the game’s hilarious characters and captivating atmosphere. Hopefully, the game won’t fall victim to any more connectivity issues and players will be able to enjoy the multiplayer experience as intended. The thank you pack is a nice touch, but the best way to ensure players are happy is to keep the game running smoothly.

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Outriders is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows

Fountain: Square Enix / Reddit

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