Why John Walker will be the super soldier opposite Steve Rogers

Falcon & Winter Soldier is grooming John Walker to become a super soldier, but the serum will have a very different impact on him than Steve Rogers.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier He’s likely grooming John Walker to become a Super Soldier, but the new Captain America will be very different from Steve Rogers if he does. The Super Soldier Serum has made a big comeback on the Marvel Disney + show, featuring The Falcon and the Winter Soldier revealing his dark and tragic past through Isaiah Bradley, while ensuring that it endures as part of the present and the future thanks to the Flag-Smashers and Dr. Nagel’s experiments.

However, on top of that, there is the promise of creating even more Super Soldiers. There are still 12 vials that remain unaccounted for, which means there could be up to a dozen more Super Soldiers manufactured in the MCU. Exactly who they will be (if it happens) is unclear, but the clearest contender is John Walker, Cap’s replacement who has already shown that he will do whatever it takes to meet the standard set by Steve Rogers, even if that in itself. . it means that it is destined to fail.

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There are some clear similarities between Walker and Steve that show why he was chosen as the new Captain America – both men prove to be incredibly loyal to their country and are ready to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect it. However, they also have obvious differences in their ideals and how far they are willing to push things forward, and it’s those differences that will likely define how Walker compares as a super soldier to Steve Rogers. In fact, it could be said that Walker will be the complete opposite of his predecessor. When they give him the serum, Abraham Erskine tells Steve to be “Not a perfect soldier, but a good man.” Steve lived up to that to the end, even to the point that it cost him the shield, but Walker is the opposite – not a good man, but he is the perfect soldier.

Wyatt Russell as John Walker (featured)

Super Soldier serum enhances what is already within a person. Steve Rogers was not a great soldier by the most immediately apparent metrics, he was lean and fragile, but on the inside he was brave and his heart was really good, and those are the qualities that the serum amplified – just good became great. . Walker, on the other hand, is very much the ideal of what a soldier should be, as even without the serum he is strong, athletic, an incredibly skilled combatant, and a clever strategist, receiving three Medals of Honor. At the same time, however, he has already shown that he has an inflated sense of ego, made worse by becoming Captain America, gets mad incredibly fast, and may well be scarred by his battles in ways that could have more consequences if left unchecked.

It’s fair to say, then, that the Super Soldier Serum could make the new Captain America as powerful as Steve Rogers, and perhaps even more so given his already advanced physical capabilities. But it is what is inside that counts most, and the ego and anger within him will lead him to squirm; Walker’s drive to do whatever it takes, with the serum, will break any and all reasonable limits, and he will go further and further until he finally stops at The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He may, in a sense, become a perfect Super Soldier in regards to his abilities, but that he is not a truly “good” man (even if he is not necessarily a “bad” yet either), and will become less of a man one, it means he will be the opposite of what Steve Rogers was as Captain America.

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